Video: Lawsuit Accuses DHS Of Humiliating Men, Favoring Women

An employee’s lawsuit accuses Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security of humiliating men while favoring women. The lawsuit maintains that the DHS has systematically discriminated against straight men, while giving special preference to lesbians.

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  1. Of course she caters to lesbos. She's the biggest lesbo in the land. How come you think odumbo picked her. She's one of odumbo's gays.

    • Obamadyke need’s to be institutionalized for her Mental-Disorder… & come to think of it all Obamqueer’s need to be institutionalized for National Security reasons!!!

    • I have noticed (also noticed it is not PC to notice) Obama is really, really partial to gays. It makes one wonder if all the Obama bi-sexual rumors might have some truth. I think all this no daddy, no mommy, I don't really know who I am stuff has really screwed this guy up.

  2. Lesbians and Homos running amok with the blessing of our sadist-in-chief. Never in my life did I ever think this would a common occurence in our country. Make sure you are registered to vote and that your family and friends are too, and let's get rid of these SICK SOB's!

  3. Napolitano is lesbian. Haven't people figured that out yet?

  4. defender3 says:

    The Devil has taken over our government!

  5. Evermyrtle says:

    I love the sound of it., suing Napolitano, makes a good sound!!

  6. Brande Hanson says:

    If we as Americans, can plead for mercy and understanding from our awesome God to save America in our last days of fragmented freedoms, and if we are earnest and sincere about it, then God has promised to hear our prayers and give us a reprieve. We have let America go down the tube for the last 50 years, too busy with our own selfish lives, not caring who we send to Washingotn to govern our country and now we realize our mistakes and the horrible mess we are in. Our God is loving and merciful but he did give us a mind to use for good and not evil, and he would like for us to live more Godly lives to honor him. Let us return the favor and give thanks for his grace. He gave his life for all of us, so maybe we should return the favor and live more for him. The Romney/Ryan ticket is a faint light at the end of the dark tunnel!

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