Video: Lawmakers Assemble At Mount Vernon To Discuss Constitutional Convention

At a time when the federal government appears truly broken, state lawmakers have assembled to reclaim the power vested in the states by calling for a convention of the states as a means of creating constitutional amendments…

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  1. I'll remain reserved on this issue, personally. Let's see if it gains ground.
    Uh, don't pretend it has nothing to do with Obama. He's the bigger part of the problem. If anything, he's at the core of the problem. He's no splinter, he's a blasted railroad spike in America's side, threatening to pierce its vitals. Do not wait to remove it.

  2. This should be interesting….
    Wanting to establish term limits on the worthless, useless parasites in Washington will make for an interesting time…especially if it looks as though it might actually occur….
    Those pieces of $hit will arrange another 'terrorist' attack to introduce martial law and prevent this from ever happening…
    After all, if the spectre of their cash cow disappearing into the pasture, and their ability to further destroy America by limiting the time they're allowed to get away with it is threatened, 'where she stops nobody knows'….
    First of all, it remains to be seen if enough states are willing to sign on…
    Time will tell…

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Before doing any commenting I'll also wait to see how far this goes. Time will tell if this is legit or just another rues.

  4. USA is FREEDOM says:

    In all basics THIS IS PATHETIC!
    Every State has elected officials in Congress to represent themselves and the people. So WHY do the people have to gather to tell there representatives what they want?
    OH, GEE… it's because there elected officials don't work FOR the people, they work FOR themselves.
    (Politician: How much money can I shove in my pockets this week)
    Now where did I put that 1960's movie?. . . OH there it is, "Hang'm High"!

  5. why not cut congress pay and cut benefits retirement and give them the same health care we get. better yet throw them all out start over (due over)

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