Video: Krauthammer: Obama Showed ‘incredible Arrogance’ In ‘astonishing’ Press Conference

Charles Krauthammer nails it on the head…

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  1. I wish the Republicans didn't cave in!! Going over the Fiscal Cliff would have been the best thing for America, since it would have mandated the spending cuts through Sequestration. Obama got everything he wanted except for the Dollar amount that the Bush Tax cuts were implemented at ($400,000/$450,000 vs $200,000/$250/000). He got the Republicans to raise taxes, it added more spending than the Tax Revenue will bring in, and he's proven that Boehner is a weak Republican Leader and needs to be replaced by the first Republican Caucus vote in the 113th Congress!!

    • Oh yeah, and it also kicks the can down the road a few weeks for a "Debt Ceiling" crises negotiations.

    • In the end we the people will be paying a lot more and this bogus prez will keep on spending and wasting, and giving our tax dollars away to muslims countries. I feel sorry for our children, obama is leaving them with a debt that they will not be able to pay, right now we ourselves can't pay this debt and obama insists on his reckless spending. Why won't congress or speaker of the house stop this madness? obama is not legal to be president and we all know it, this is insanity.

  2. Obama is so Blatantly ARROGANT, narcissistic, delusional, deranged, he is a madman on steroids!

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