Video: Krauthammer Fiscal Cliff Analogy: Obama Offer Worse Than Appomattox

Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer drew a curious comparison on Fox News Thursday evening between Washington’s fiscal cliff standoff and the Civil War.

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  1. kenny1801 says:

    May GOD grant us this proof that Obama's a fraud!

  2. disgusted says:

    Oh hell. Just let it go over the cliff and maybe the fools who voted for this total disaster in office will see then, what a complete idiot he is, and how utterly STUPID they, themselves are for beleiving the lies spouted from those great big PNL in the first place. And, I leave it up to you to figure out what PNL stands for. Clue, it’s racist! Being the racist that I am, having been called that now for the past four years, I have accepted the name, and derision of being such, and have no problems with it. It is accepted and so being called this is no longer the insult it may have been only just a little over four years ago. It is what it is, and I am what I am. Thanks to all who made this possible, I am accepting the name of racist as being an honorable position, because I despise this LYING PEICE OF SHIT IN OUR WHITE HOUSE! It is OFFENSIVE IN THE EXTREME TO SEE THIS FAMILY OF APES INFECTING OUR NATION”S CAPITOL WITH THEIR BRAND OF DISEASES! I am GREATLY OFFENDED, as well as DISGUSTED WITH THEM AND WITH THOSE WHO MADE THIS POSSIBLE! THIS, THE GREATEST THREAT TO OUR FREEDOM AND LIBERTY EVER, MAY YOU ALL ROT IN A VERY, VERY, VERY “WARM” PLACE IN THE END FOR YOUR CRIMES AGAINST THIS NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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