Video: KISS Singer, I Want My Obama Vote Back

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  1. Dr. S. LaVoy says:

    You speak the truth, Gene! Too bad you, and others, didn't do your homework BEFORE the elecetion. You would have discovered much, and would very likely have changed your vote! Now, we and our children , have to live with all of your poor choices!!!

  2. Take off your glasses you dumb ass and look into the camera and admit to your IGNORANCE!
    Thanks for all the great music when I was growing up Gene, but wise up PLEASE ……

  3. Why don`t he just come out and say what he means…Obama is a Charlatan he cannot do what he says and lies constantly, he is a European Socialist and is taking the US down a course of destruction and wants the government run everything and every aspect of citizens lifes.

  4. CF Neubert says:

    I love how these ignorant a$$'s are so quick to blame America for "hundreds" of years of slavery. When in fact, this country went to war with itself, in part to end slavery, less than a hundred years after we became a country. What a moron. Slavery existed worldwide, for thousands of years before the USA existed. It wasn't until Western Europe, and later the US banned it, that it really went into decline. BTW, slavery still exists in parts of China…. Where most of Gene Simmons Kiss trinkets and toys are produced. He's a punk hipocrite!!……..Call me, Carlos.

  5. Angelicsweep says:

    It is too bad that Gene Simmons and his ilk didn’t do their homework and instead chose to jump on the obama band wagon without seeing where it was going! Unfortunately, too many did the same thing, wanting to be a part of history in electing the first black president. I have no problem with a black president, just this one! It was very clear, to me anyway, that this black man did not have the best interest of America OR it’s people at heart. Plus the fact he is a muslim…he was not good for America! But people saw what they wanted to see and hear what they wanted to hear, so now the rest of America is paying for their choices!

    • Racists making reparitions for slavery ! These are they who voted for Obama!
      There you have it! From the mouth of idiots!

      Now he wants his privacy and the government out of his life! Sheesh!

    • Thanks for the tip. They asusre me the site is going to be active any day now, so I put the link in anticipation rather than having to keep checking back and posting it later. The link above will take you directly to where you can purchase ben and scott’s book. It is still not shipping, but we expect it in the warehouse any day.

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  6. Gene, You might have shown some genius when you wrote your music, But you surly have shown me your ignorance on your reason you placed your vote..
    Because of all you dumb dumbs that did not bother to examine the facts presented before your face ( there were tons ) We and our children will have to pay the price for your stupidity once again.
    The American middle wafers are fighting the fight while you rich people, who made your money off us hide behind closed doors and cry that this government wants your money two… Do you feel the burn yet??? If not yet you will soon.
    Maybe now that you see, you could all give a little help back to the people with your many millions you have sent to other countries to use against us here. besides, you couldn't possibly spend in a life time .

    God knows, We have given of our selves to keep our country healthy ,safe and free. In return, we have been striped of our Jobs,homes, and food by these thieves you have helped to come into power. You owe this Country and the American people to help us clean out the White House.Your money will not be there for you later ether if you don't help to change things….Who will be able to buy your goods later ? They will control you and what you can do.
    Give back to America what you help them steal from Americans.
    God bless America and its People

  7. Barb Robbins says:

    To all of the American people both natural born and naturalized.
    I say to you there is nothing like an educated voter!
    It is much too serious a consequence when you don't pay attention.
    Watch listen and learn.
    The American people DO NOT owe anything to one race or another.
    We owe it to ourselves to be great and we owe it to Jesus and the founders to make this country great!!!!!
    To say you feel sorry for someone because they are black, HOW STUPID IS THAT!!!!
    If George Washington had the attitude of take care of me there would never have been a United States of America.

  8. Fortitude1 says:

    If Obama keeps allowing all these illegals in here, before we know it we will be required to learn Hispanic languages. Shame they never learned English, but better for those who do speak it, we'll be able to speak in front of them and they won't understand.

  9. I want my “Obama vote” back too. Oh wait, I wasn’t dumb enough to vote for that jackass in the first place. I have never been ashamed of voting for the candidate I chose. That’s because I did some research on them before I went and wasted a perfectly good vote on a moron who didn’t deserve it. I also have never felt the obligation to vote for anyone simply because the fit a specific category of race, religion, gender or any other irrelevant characteristic they may possess. People who vote for a candidate simply because they are black are just as idiotic as those who would refuse to vote for someone for the same reason. It’s too bad there are so many idiots out there. If there were’nt, we would have a different President right now. Thanks Gene, for admitting you’re a dumbass. Try not to make the same mistake next time.

  10. What kind of Idiot would hire a whore monger to be on TV hosting a show??
    I would only hope the spitzer does his daughter and see if they still want to see his non moral face

  11. WykkydTruths says:

    proof in the pudding that the idiots voted obama into office. As citizens it's up to us to do our research before voting, NOT AFTERWARDS. There aren't "do overs" until four years later. This idiot voted for obama for all the wrong reasons and now wants to take it back?! Do us all a favor and vote smarter in 2012; educate yourself before voting!

  12. Sorry Gene, but obama isn't black! He's a muslim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    We are each a product of our environment, our upbringing. What we enjoy as our custom, may seem peculiar to others. Mr. Obama does not share our typical American upbringing, or our customs. When he did arrive in the United States, well after his formative years, he wasn't afforded the opportunity to learn what America is about. From afar, he was raised to despise America, and he will do his very best to fashion us into what he knows about life, which is nothing like what we used to enjoy. He is diametrically opposed to anything pertaining to capitalism. Perhaps that is why he seems peculiar to me. May God bless us all. RJL40 PoorOldRobert@gmail.com__

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    Voting based on race surprises me. Mr. Simmons television persona is one of attention to detail, always performing due diligence, yet he overlooked those prerequisites and arrived at a decision based on … guilt? I share his sentiments regarding the slavery issues. It is an incredibly deep scar in our history. Slavery has rightfully been abolished for many generations. Ironically, Mr. Obama is quite sympathetic to the Muslim cause worldwide, which is arguably the largest group involved in human trafficking today. When it comes to human rights, why should our nation embrace a philosophy that considers women as inferior, condones the brutal and barbaric practice of death by stoning, all in the name of "family honor". Throughout history, every segment of society has been the focal point of inhumanity by others. For example, the largest single occurrence of lynching in our American history was not perpetrated against former Africans, but Sicilians. Also, let's not forget the Native American. Perhaps we could learn about proper immigration policy, based on their experience.

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    After having seen several episodes of his show, I came to like Mr. Simmons. Being a role model, it is commendable that he has maintained a sober existence throughout his career. I write because I am surprised that he did support Mr. Obama for a few reasons.
    From an entrepreneurial viewpoint, Obama is contrary to every capitalistic issue. Obama well stated his intention to "change" the way America works, and he is going to make us as industrious as any Third World country, by nationalizing every component, as evidenced by his banking/finance/investment, auto manufacturing, and health care positions. We are currently watching as aerospace, communications and energy are being eroded. In each instance the administration will weaken them, and then bail them out, gaining government control.

  16. Gene, You should do a little research on the candidates before you vote. As an Israeli Jew, You should have been a little more cautious about voting for a man with a muslim background. Your excuse for voting for a black man because of the slavery issue doesn't make any sense. He's half white, has no "slave blood" in him and he's 100% socialist. You would have done the black race a bigger favor if you voted against. him.

  17. Impeach him NOW!!!!!

  18. Applepicker says:

    impeach obama hes killing the poor to fund a war that will never quit we as people just take it wtf! stop the war and leave soc sec alone, the quy nuttier than bush forget him get him out

  19. Applepicker says:

    Enough with slavery it doesnt pertain to now. this man wants to continue to fund a war on the very backs of social security and old people, poor people thinking thier too feeble to fight! March on washington people! make yourselves heard! quit sitting around and ltting him do this! Fight back! scream for impeachment he's clearly lost his mind and his crazy wife!

  20. Applepicker says:

    Poor people in america who cannot get thier teeth fixed, all kinds of attrocities in us! wake up gene no offense! The poor are the new slaves! Tell the people who get 600 a month to live on that they need to pay for this war! Who's the slaves? The poor of this country are the new slavery! I didnt vote for him, I knew what was coming, it was obvious!

  21. Applepicker says:

    Killing the poor Obama, killing social security to run a war that will not be one. We have had enough stop emulayting your mother she would never condone this thinking or rationale from you. Slavery to poor whites and eledrly – we all couldnt plan a good retirement. Im close to eating cat food. Not for a war that wil go on forever. there will always be terrorists. People here have suffered enough especially the disabled and eldery. Enough Barack stop listening to michelle she is wong what is going on with you people please step down I will help fight to impeach you you dont know what you are doing anymore.

  22. Applepicker says:

    I have never hated a president until now, im telling my 18 year old daughter not to vote for obama just pick anybody else and I will do the same and pray, pray he leaves office good bye barack and take your crazy and i mean carazy wife with you two ego drama queens get lost

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