Video: Kim Jong Obama

Two incompetent, egotistical national leaders, both with nuclear weapons….gee, what can possibly go wrong?

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  1. Sideshow says:

    If North Korea fires a nuke that hits Californication, it would be a bad scene…obviously. BUT, the fallout plume would doubtless sweep across other states, thereby increasing the numbers of people poisoned by the radiation
    North Korea needs to remember the old cold-war mindset of 'mutually-assured destruction'…even though it is THEIR destruction that would most certainly be assured…as long as we can do it without arousing the ire of communist China…
    Then again, there are other weapons at our disposal, such as fuel-air bombs that are the most powerful non-nuclear explosives known…AND we could detonate a nuke at low altitude and 'send 'em back to the stone age' with a powerful electromagnetic pulse that would destroy all their electronics and power grid…
    …again being careful not to mess with China in the process…
    Maybe they'll depose that fat turd and sentence him to a diet for awakening a sleeping giant…

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Even Kim jung Obuma must have a drone waiting for his pint sized brother Un.Bill is right America is run by a one time gang leader.

  3. wayne mann says:

    There was a military gentleman on this website last night. He said if we do not stand up start yelling and screaming And emailing and calling our senators and congressmen as much as possible… We will be sorry later. He said if we did not heed this warning we would be sorry…. So a military knows there is great bloodshed coming. Please stand up America and start emailing and calling your congressman and senators. If they do not hear from the American people they do as they please because they think we are OK with everything. Find all of the petitions you can accept for anything that is from the White House. No petitions that go to the White House are ever seen by Congress who are the ones who need to see them. Get angry America and stand up. If you can form any protest marches please do so or join the 10 million man march that is coming up soon. Please people let’s save our country

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