Video: Kathleen Sebelius’ Outrageous Comments On Abortion

Kathleen Sebelius says abortion should be a conversation between a woman and her priest…

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    First you have to understand why Sebelius is the way she is.Most women give birth through the vagina or caesarean but in her case she was pulled out of her mothers rear and that is why she is so ugly and dumb.As far as abortion being between a woman and her priest that is a joke.The catholic should have excommunicated her years ago but like the catholic church give them money and they look the other way.The list of people that the church should have gotten rid of are Lurch John Kerry,Nancy Poopalosi, Rudy Guelliani,Killer Ted Kennedy and others.

    • Hey Ed : This no-good bitch is the daughter of one John Gilligan,probably the worst Gov. that the State of Ohio has ever had with the exception of old "taxin" Ted Stricklind. She is following in her no-good dads footsteps But he was a one termer which was one too many.

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