Video: Karl Rove Defends Obama’s Eligibility To Be President!

Listen as Obama eligibility activist Miki Booth explain to Mark Gellar of the Tea Party Power Hour why she feels that all roads lead to Karl Rove, at least when one investigates why conservatives in the media won’t discuss Barack Obama’s eligibility.

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  1. What a long drawn out piece of shit.

    • Well Gustyj, maybe it's a long drawn out piece of —– to you but it is one of the issues of today. As a woman I don't want government in my personal life either. If we put it to rest then the government has won. So get over it !!!

  2. I Guess Karl Rove Has Joined The STUPIDS!!! He's Probably looking to join up with O Bama & His Croines!!

  3. Karl Rove is NOT the 'fearless leader' of Republicans that he thinks he is. Inflated EGO. Oust the guy.
    He Refuses to listen to the grass roots of We The People!

  4. Karl Rove is a idiot and maybe a commie too

  5. Obama is for mass abortions, Obama is for Gay marriage. Mitt Romney is for abortion under certain circumstances. Mitt Romney is for Gay marriage. What is our choice??? Is lesser evil the same as more evil??? I am having difficulty for the first time in my life as to whether I will vote or not. At this moment my decision is to not vote. The Republicans have been going the same directions as democrats each election. They will not submit the name of anyone who is against abortion and against gay marriage. They are both evil and I will not vote UNTIL they put up an upstanding American that I can be proud to vote for. Who stands for Gods laws. Time is running out because I believe our end is in sight. I think God has had enough of us!

    • Jan Dinkins says:

      If you do not vote for Romney…ANY Republican is far better than Obama….there will never be another Republican president. This scenario is what the dems/socialists have been planning and plotting for over the past several decades. They knew that by having a black man for President (to you know where with qualifications) would be their ace card…just hollar racism if anyone dare to complain or oppose his policies OR voice anything negative about him. Clinton is primed to step in in 2016(if Obama hasn't made himself dictator before then) and after that another black will be the dem nominee. Romney and Ryan are much more intelligent, experienced and Constitutional than ANY of the dems in the administration. Progressives/liberals are simply names for Communist, Marxist added with a good dose of Muslim. This country is definitely doomed to become a third world nation or cease altogether to be the United States of America with the demicrat/socialist party at the helm.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      The only way you should be for gay marriage is when 2 guys get together and one porks the other in his rear and 9 months later the man spits a baby out of his penis but you stll have to vote, Mitt may not be my first choice but he's not a socialist and Obunghole is.If you have children think of them.

  6. Rove is just a fat blow hard. Just would NOT listen, let alone believe anything he says. ALWAYS thinks he knows best.

  7. The Fraud in the WH now has more to answer for, his Columbia stuent body badge has now been revealed and it states quite plainly the words Foreign Student under his picture. He claims to be born in Kenya in his book bio over a 16 year period and again by his own words, makes claim to be born in two different hospitals in Hi., now you just know you cannot have it three ways. There is money expended in a large amount, dealings with syrians, iraquis and pakastanis, a travel pass port that needs explaining, a wedding ring prior to his marriage to Moochel, ID, SS#, you name it and this legal restraint girlyboy is a factual unknown and owes the taxpayers a lot of answers…….NOW is the time for valid answers other wise he is not a legal candidate again…..

    • It is time (and has been) for the Republican/GOP to go, I will vote for Romney in this election but I have no regard anymore for the Republican party. The are not standing up for this country – for its citizens and foe Kael Rove tro say Obama is eligible takes the absolute "cake". I suppose he has proof thar Sheriff Joe and his Cold Case posse missed? By the way Karl – whar is your proof?


  9. I am a Tea Party Member here in Tennessee, and the Republicans make me sick some time.I have not understand why Congress hasn't done anything about the eligibility of Barack Hussin Obama…They know he is not a citizen…There is something going on that they want tell the public…I will vote for Gov.Romney, but he was not my choice at first….

  10. It's Past Time For The Democratic Senate do it's job or go home, not to Oklahoma, ither, We have some good Republican supporters of our beliefs. WE do have a problem with the deligates that think Obama is god, they thinking is absolutely wrong he is more like satan, out to lie,steal and kill Obama has his record and it's not hard to find each. He is the biggest LIAR in the whitehouse. He is not elgible to be president, and it will come out and he should find himself in federal prison, so far back they gave to feed him through a steel pipe,for all the fraud he has committed. And maybe they can put his buddies biden, peloui, reid,hillary, and several more with him. they all swore to uphold the constitution yet all have failed miserably.

  11. KARL ROVE IS WRONG!!! It has been proven….Obama is a Fraud. He should show his papers before he can even be put on any ballot.

    Obama is ignoring everyone who requests his college records and anything else he has to prove who he is. He is a professional SCAM ARTIST! I'm an Independent and believe me, I believe it. Now it's time Congress got on the ball and demands papers from Obama!!!!

  12. Edwardkoziol says:

    Rove is a fat old idiot who has outlived his usefulness to the republican party.He should just go back to Texas and ride into the sunset.Oh yea take his chalk board with him.There is proof that obuthole isn't a real American and like the republican party they just sit there with a finger up there asses.We will lose another election ,
    someone should give him a rope so he can hang himself.He's as bad as McQuack McCain.

  13. What else did people expect from the head RINO elitist. GO AWAY ROVE.

  14. ARNOLD TAPP says:


  15. rove is just another BAG OF WIND who lives for ATTENTION !! The more STUPID THINGS HE SAYS, THE MORE ATTENTION HE GETS !!!!
    IGNORE HIM !!! barry soetoro IS ILLEGALLY IN THE WHITE HOUSE !!! He is NOT A NATURAL BORN AMERICAN, the FACT that they TRIED to put a PHONY LONG FORM of his so-called birth certificate out there PROVES IT !!!!

    • politicstick says:

      Obama's own lawyers argued, in an eligibility case in Georgia, that the computer generated BC Obama presented to the public, to verify his place of birth, was "an obvious forgery", his own layers!!!!!

      It DOESN'T matter if Obama was born on the steps of the US Capital building, his father was NOT an American……DISQUALIFIED!!!!!!


    Everyone that can pray and believe better listen. Obama must NOT be re-elected. Honoring the victims of 9/11 is well fine and good but they would cry out from their graves to not worry about that right now, time is wasting, and we are wasting time, IMPEACH OBAMA NOW. 9/11 will seem small in comparrison if Obama wins.
    Quit letting anything distract you, earnestly pray for God to intervene, America needs supernatural help . . .
    God is a very present help in time of trouble, America is in deep trouble with this Muslim in the White House. TAKE HEED, FAIR WARNING, WHAT EVER IT TAKES – OBAMA NEEDS TO GO!

  17. Karl,
    Where is Obama's legal birth certificate? He hasn't shown one yet that is Official. He lied to the world and said the computer generated piece of paper was his birth certificate. Why did he change his birth place when he started running for president and not for senate? Why did he, his wife and grand mother all say he was born in Kenya?
    Why so many aliases? What upstanding citizen has aliases? What's this with 58 addresses? What is this social security number situation ? He is using a dead man's from conneticut number.
    What criminal act was he and his wife involved in to lose their licenses?
    I have a birth certificate ,that states he was born ibn Mombasa ,Kenya, others hav e attempted to play that down, not good enough for me yet.
    Why is Fox News people always agree with the lies that are put out, and do not really get down and dio the hard job and find the truth, is it too hard, I guess it is, all want to listen to Liars like Obama, and not do the real job..

    • A Birth Certificate is not required to run for office. Submit a short form, pay a filing fee and you are on the ballot, unless there is an objection at the time of filing.

  18. Obama can be removed from office through the Impeachment and Trial process, he can be voted out of office, or he can resign. The only thing the voters can do is vote him and all the Democrat senators out of office. He may not be eligible to be in office, but he is and the Constitution protects the office. Impeachment and Senate trial details are set out in the Constitution.

  19. Retired Marine says:

    Rove is an elitist closet Dumbocrat. He has harmed the conservative position more than the actual libtards.
    He has an agenda, Bilderberg anyone? Don't listen to that jerk, he couldn't lead a horse to water in Minnesota (land of 10,000 lakes, Missippi River and more). If you listen to him, we will lose.

  20. Carl is a progressive and the only thing I hate more than a progressive democrat is a progressive republican. communist new world order government trash..

  21. Rove is looking for a job on Obama's cabinet, he is trash.

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