Video: Justice Clarence Thomas: Obama Approved By Media And Elite

Justice Thomas has some harsh criticism for Obama…

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  1. wayne mann says:

    Once again more propaganda from the leftist’s/ progressive. I think Thomas holder and Obama are 3 jungle bunnies having a sexual relationship.

  2. Linda A. From NY says:

    Honorable Thomas said that if a black politician elect must be approve by the Elites and the media and if the black man politician does not agree with the Elite’s policies there is a price to pay. I find Honorable Thomas to be truthful about what he is speaking of.

    The truth is this goes for all politicians, that why we have been sold out. Most of All of these politicians are playing along with the Elites, there are only protecting their own jobs and to hell with the Country. Most of these politicians are cowards and putting their jobs before the Constitution, before the Country.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    I feel that justice Thomas is speaking the truth when it comes to how the press treats the blacks.If your a conservative or republican they will scrutinize you to no end,if your a socialist democrap your treated like royality.This you can see in the way they treat Obutthole.His picture could have been seen in the Boston Terrorist attack and the press would have said he was just trying to sell pressure cookers.

  4. Retired Marine says:

    Well my black friends, who would you rather aspire to be, someone like the Honorable Clarence Thomas, or the freaks in gangs, drug users, liars, and other fools who like the democrats want you to stay on the plantation of democrat policy, welfare, and free Obama phones. Time to man up, the stupid blame it on the white man BS is old, old, old. Yet the dems keep you in line and you all scream yes massa! Slavery was abolished by the Republican party, the dems were by and large the owners, and still are. Good for you, you are slaves to the DNC and are not aware of it because you get "free s–t" from the lying politicians of the DNC who look upon you as ignorant slaves, too stupid to think for yourselves. Look up to Allen West, Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain and their ilk and aspire to be like them, and stop enslaving yourselves.
    Semper Fi

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