Video: Judge Rules on Obama SS Number

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  1. I am continually amazed at what Obama gets away with, He and his administration are so unbelievably corrupt and yet those who have the power to stop the corruption turn a blind eye to all that he and his administration are doing to this country. He and his entire administration should be impeached and he should be imprisoned the same as any other person who steals an identity and commits fraud. When is this country going to wake up to the corrupt behavior of this administration—including both congressional bodies? I am angry and totally fed up with this present administration and what they are doing to totally destroy us and this country! We have got to return America to the country our forefathers intended! God help us if we don't!


  3. Bonnie Macfee says:

    Impeach Obama!!! He is an imposter. We must get rid of all bad in congress and the President.

  4. warren reynolds says:

    Another piece of shit fucking judge that needs to be rolled out with the rest of trash.

  5. dragonfFIRE01 says:


  6. One of Obama's SS # is 042-68-4425 and info on the "search" is at as well as HUNDREDS of other sites. 042 tells you it was issued in Connecticut. The first 3 will tell you the state (or portion thereof) of the issuing state. There is general info on the coding of SS numbers on most any privite eye site.
    If you continue to dig, you will find reports of Obana having several different SS numbers. I don't pretent to know if any of this is true or not, but just as his birth certificate, I think we have a right to KNOW before he allowed to run again!!

  7. yippie we have the CHANGE

  8. Eve Lerieux says:

    Obama did what all illegals do. He stole SS numbers. He isn't a legal American citizen much less a natural born one.

  9. All children in USA must produce a valid birth certificate before they can enter school… All Americans that work must produce a legitimate social security number.. Why in the h— is Obama not required to do so.. Do hese people think he is god or what???
    Have these judges and democrats and libs given their entire mind over to the Obama creature???

  10. another currupt judge

  11. Its not your vote that counts, it's who counts it that matters. If you think we will have an honest election think again!
    There are officials in all 50 states that are legally responsible to verify eligibility of the candidates. Will they? Have they? No…No…No.. Times 50. Who writes the software in the election computers? Who verifies it to be correct and untampered? SEIU Sister to Acorn!

    Loss of our Nation… Just the penalty for violating the Constitution and the intent of the founding forefathers. We will all pay the price

  12. I believe his grandmother worked in the ss ofice and his mother was a crook in all matters ===it seems they taught him well …….as the man – who wasn't his father – put him in the hands of a bigger crook and a Marxist …obviously obama has been a crook all his life — what's more and worse is that he is a Chicago scumbag………….with all that honest Dems (and there must be some _) would make excuses for him – like "well, the poor boy , coming up the hard way has really done a great (?)_ job …..My comment ? gggrrrrrrrrrr


  13. David Cummings says:

    What more does it take to get this usurper out of the white house, so that we can begin healing our nation? I understand that the media is afraid of black riots, but those of us who have lived and served during riots are not afraid! We will heal from that too, and the results are usually looting and urban renewal! Our nation is a laughing stock as long as this usurper muslim can continue to hide the information that we should have had before the election of 2008. How many more millions of illegal campaign funds will be collected by obummer before a republican with intestinal fortitude steps up and calls him out on it. What are they afraid of? I would try myself if I didn't know that I would be told by the corrupt democratic appointed judges that I have no standing…Who does? I am so tired of government corruption. Even in the Nixon days we had accountability!

  14. Kerry Stephens says:

    I guess the Rodney King beating tape by L.A. cops, would not have been allowed if this law had been in place, huh? Cops can't violate the law. We ned to be armed and fight back when they attack us.

  15. to all legal tax paying american citizens{its time}when in the coarse of human events,you know the rest.peter finch in the movie network said it best,were mad as hell and aren,t going to take it anymore.1st send back all the illegal aliens{thats against the law to you politicians}2nd bring home our troops,most of the world hates us anyway,except when they need someone beat up.let the rest of the world clean up there own messes.3rd think about it,what do we need these politicians for,that don,t do s–t for the legal tax paying american citizen anyway.obamdope out,frank serpico for president,chuck norris for vice president.its time.god bless america

  16. Of everyone in the US, the president should be #1 in proving honest behavior. When all the doubts and (circumstantial?) evidence point toward ID theft, it is significant to every US citizen to know who this man is. Of particular pecularity is the efforts to Hide the Facts and to not redily turn over proof that all is OK.
    I hear that conservatives are afraid that actions to remove him would result in loss of Black votes in 2012??? Do what's right regardless of the consequences!!!!!!!!

  17. I will tell you why obama has a Connecticut SS number. It is because he was born overseas. I know for a fact that American babies born overseas may have a Connecticut SS number. I personally know someone who was born in the Phillipines while his father was stationed there. He has a Connecticut SS number. Obama is a liar. We know this. He is NOT a natural born citizen as his father is a Kenyan. Why he was allowed to run for president is beyond me.

  18. That judge should of arrested him for ss number that didntv belong to him.

  19. Obviously some money changed hands here! The Judge. who is probably a communist, feels that
    Obama is above the law! It is amazing how corrupt our judicial system. I wonder if any of our 535
    millionaires found this interesting??

  20. john weaver says:

    I gues it doesn't matter if this judge continues to exist. It is coming with the dawn folks and we've bled and sacrificed before and continue to do so daily. put our boots folks and "Lets roll" on the fucking dictators.

  21. john weaver says:

    The governments been having citizens drink the "koolaide" since 911 with 100% complacency from the MSLSD media. Newly released video of the explosion at the pentagon showss NO airplane- just a huge high explosive detonation. The turbine in one pentagon photo shows it to the same configuration as the one used (not 2,3 or 4 just one) in our tomahawk cruise missle systems. Of the hundreds of missing passengers on the 911 – not one of their bodies have been found. All the firefighters at WTC were accounted for-no passengers though and you couldn't make cell phone calls from planes back then anyway,. Obumer knows this like he knows his family photos reveal him to be a muslim and like his other relatives living under rocks have been found to be illegal aliens. Time to "roll on the sons of bitches" as Obumers buddy Hoffa likes to say.

  22. It’s time for 1776
    Infowars dot com / for truth
    The corruption of the government is complete bulderburg and mega banks have taken over.
    Vote for the constitution
    vote Ron Paul

  23. He was able to run for president because he is a agent for the banking cartel they have the money and payed every one off to look the other way so they can set up the one world goventment and crush the Constution.
    America better wake up and send all the crooks to jail. We better stand to gether or hang separate ether way you must chose. I want freedom from the crooks.

  24. John Grychak says:

    Get this ILLEGAL/MUSLIM out of office by IMPEACHMENT now, what/why are we waiting? He has already stated that he hate America, and is trying to Bankrupt/change the U.S. to his liking. He took an oath to uphold the constitution, and he has ignored it since he took office, I would like to set an exanmple, and make him stand trial, for all his crimes against America.

  25. YOu big fat lying MFs what about your duty to uphold the Constitution and PROTECT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! All the people that support this WILL BE HELD LIABLE when the time comes. You are UNAMERICAN and are breaking the laws of this country! How dare you disregard this evidence that has been brought before you…protecting will not save your jobs! Elections have consiquences!!!! OBAMA IS NOT A CITIZEN….For this man to have over 955,0000 dollars to keep his info concealed in 12 states and 11 law firms is ludicrous and we will have the final say and he will step down and the rest of you idiots will be elected OUT!

  26. Obama's DOES have roots in KENYA! I can prove it! Have you ever seen him celebrate anything from the Hawaiian tradition??? HLL NO! Because he is NOT HAWAIIAN! He is every bit Kenyan!!!!

  27. Its time for a NEW REVILUTION starting NOW Gret out on the Streets people and Make your selves heard

  28. Obama was suspect when the news media was JAMMING him down our throats… not one single negative comment was allowed even though the other candidates had negitave comments about them. Can"t discuss his wifes views… No talk of his family… Sooo when the news media who reports every negative thing in the world doesn't report negative things about Obama…. something smells fishy???? He has proven since he has been in office that he is set on destroying America with a smile on his face while his wife and daughters travel the world on the taxpayers money. If he was for the American people he would have the politcians cut their pay, their staff, their retirement and his own since they can all live well on their own holdings …NO other business gives the benefits to people that were fired that the government gives to the politcians

  29. PT:1 He (OBAMA) is part of the great plan of the Goldberg's,Rothschilds, Rockefeller's, the Bilderberg Group, home land security( its there to protect the politicians from U not out side forces) these world bankers(wankers) can make and break countries over nite, they are pushing the western worlds environmental agenda which all sounds good on the surface but is Evil in its intent, what they are about is population control, You may say Hey thats a good thing? But they will choose which 500,000,000 ( thats just 10% of the worlds population 6.6Billion) which get to live the rest they intend to destroy, Do you like your chances of being 1 of that 10% your/our odds are not real good are they? they with Obama's help intend to collapse the US economy making the Dollar worthless over nite, then come the North American Union and a common currency the Amero Canada ,America & Mexico become One Common UNION thus you then now longer have the current US constitution as its will have been done away with as well as the 2ND amendment You will no long have the RITE TO BARE ARMS any one with a gun will be said to be a terrorist and will be arrested and imprisoned

  30. PT:2 ( remember they want most of us dead( at least the God fearing christion west) The New World Order is now close( closer than you think) their type of Government in this new world order is Communism with ultra Capitalism Look around the world till you see were list structure is already in place and flourishing? *China* China is the Model for the new world order and are set to become the new world Police man as the US used to be, China Owns America now and most of the western/free?? world. These world bankers, Obama, Hillary,and yes even the Bush's Senior and Junior are all Freemasons despite which side of politics they are seen to stand on?? George signed of on the North American Union as has Canada with out telling or asking U the people, George also signed of on building Enemy holding Camps rite across the USA they are not for use to hold foreigners( or else they would already be using them now? They are for Us the people of the US, when the Dollar fails and we loose every thing, the President will declare a state of emergency in which he(at the hands of his minders/puppet masters) will have total control. To all citizens of the USA open your eyes and ears before its to late, U have already been sold out.

  31. PT:3 These Freemasons thats what they call them selves today are the Old Knights templar of old and there fingers of influence run every where that there is power to control They are Satanist and that explains why Obama was put into power with no rite to be there and why you can no longer talk about god(Christ) in your schools, or even court rooms any more They(the bilderberg group and the like) want NO mention of Christ any where any more even the term AD;&BC are being done away with in the class room, Preaching Christ in the streets is being oppressed all over the free world, But its ok to speak of any other religion as The Satanist don't fear them ONLY Christ,

  32. PT:4 The government spends money putting in rooms in schools so that Muslim kids have some where quite to pray 5 times a day But the Christian Kid just must Shut up and not be heard, I kid you not both George and Obama are Freemasons thus ultimately on the same team, David Rockefeller busted that * Don't you worry about election results We Control that* The west is screwed unless it stands up as 1 NOW. Oh and about all that money that Bill Gates gave for the poor children of Africa?? it was no to feed them it was for control of their population(population control) he also like so many wealthy influential people is also a Freemason

  33. Jimmie W. Mace says:

    There is not a blog, there is not a website, there is not a g@##$d$% thing any one can do about impeachment of Obama in these days of graze. The election in 2012 is the only solution, believe me, been there before and only the sane can save America from his delusional plans, so don't bitch about it vote the baster out!

  34. Jim Nuziard says:

    Let this judge be a victim of identity theft and I'll be he'll change his tune!

  35. Enough already says:

    And we allow this judge to remain in power. I always thought that judges looked out to make sure everyone was accountable to the law. I guess I've been wrong all along!

  36. reginald zenkewich says:

    These judges think they can make policy with their judgments and not follow local or Constitutional Law. These judges need to be removed from their position and brought upon charges themselves.


  38. This is a fraudulant judge!! There is another spirit involved in this matter! see 2 Corinthians 4:4/Epesians 2:2 KJV Judge, IT DOES MATTER!!!

  39. teathahinwa says:


  40. dreamunonan says:


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