Video: Judge Jeanine: Obama Showing ‘True Colors’ In Government Shutdown

Watch Judge Jeanine Pirro expose Obama’s mixed-up priorities and preferences while the Government is shut down…

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    All I can say is Judge Jeanine should run for president she got more guts then 95% of republican pusies.

    • jon graham says:

      spelled it wrong , should be PUSSIES with a captial P

      • Edward Koziol says:

        I can't believe I spelled it wrong most likely because I type with one finger and late at night but your right it should havs had a capital P.Check your capital out.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    How do illegal aliens have first amendment rights while the rest of us are just pawn’s in Obhitler’s game of life? Class warfare is the legend of Obhitler. Citizens need to work towards placing into office committed citizens that will implement repeal of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution from an out of control federal government to end their tyranny. This amendment created the Income Tax. This would place the entire question of our runaway federal government into the hands of the several States where this issue belongs in the first place. This is possibly the only way we can rein in the ruinous spending and onerous taxes of an out of control federal government spending the nation into bankruptcy from recalcitrant policies of continual tax, borrow and spend. With the added bonus that Obama has no say whatsoever in the matter, it is beyond his Constitutional purview with the right of amendment being granted solely to the States which originally ceded a portion of their sovereignty to create the federal government. They are the parties that define what the Constitution is, and more importantly what it is not. Will they exercise their power to define the federal government once again in our hour of need? After all we are a confederation and compact of sovereign States that have formed a union having the federal governments taxing power brought into focus and placed as a constitutional amendment once again before the “People’ would short-circuit the power of the federal government and immediately bring them to heel. A Constitutional Convention could be convened that would implement this repeal. We are only two states away from this solution as 32 States had called for a convention along similar grounds in 2008, so this plan has merit and the time may be ripe for implementation. Congress cannot spend what Congress does not have, they must also implement a balanced budget requirement as well, another requirement must be to eliminate borrowing and destruction of the Federal Reserve as a central bank to return this nation to a Gold based currency to restore solvency. These steps must be taken if we are to return to fiscal responsibility and break the hold of identity politics that have gripped this nation since the 1930′s, first with Roosevelt and radically expanded during the Johnson administration with the creation of the Welfare State and the entitlement mentality. The latest monumental legislative overreach Obama Care was foisted upon the nation from a Democrat controlled Congress without one Republican vote. It was affirmed by the Supreme Court, which literally did back flips to approve this legislative nightmare, forcing all citizens to engage in commerce of the Democrats choosing. This legislation screams from the rooftops that our system is unduly broken and in need of repair if we are to keep our Constitutional Republic. On the other hand, if we continue to go down the rabbit hole of Socialism we will never be seen as a “Free and Able People” again, and what is literally at stake if we do not turn away from this course.

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