Video: Juan Williams: Racist Tea Party Hate Immigrants

Juan Williams smeared the Tea Party again today, claiming the “far right” Republican base is anti-immigrant.

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  1. I always have been a fan of Juan (even though he has been wrong many, many times) but his current comments about the Tea Party being racist and hating immigrants has gone way over the top. Juan – YOU are the racist and, Juan, YOU need to be fired from FOX for your racist comments. When I think of how Paula D is being crucified for a comment she made twenty years ago and Juan recently keeps fanning the racist flames over and over again is disgusting. Bye, Bye Juan!

  2. Juan Williams is an idiot. I have started to tune out Fox News every time he comes on. Whatever the topic he is always in the 'negative' side if the issue. I don't know how people like this can live with their conscience. Oh. I FORGOT!! He apparently doesn't have a conscience.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Dean I do the same thing I mute it until I see those big lips stop moving.

      • jon graham says:

        he's just like that other moron bob beckel. heads so far bummers butt that he's not getting enough air

        • Edwardkoziol says:

          So true fat ass Beckel joined the peace corp,I wonder if it was to avoid the military.However I finally agreed with Blob when it came to that slut Miley Cyrus smoking dope with that jig snoop dog. Billy Ray must be proud of her, she use to be cute now she looks like a hooker in harlem

    • Carol2324 says:

      Dean, Better you should actually change the channel so your disapproval is registered in the ratings.

  3. texasoltimer says:

    The only racists people I know of are the Democrats. The Tea Party dislike the fact that people come into this country ILLEGALLY – these are illegal aliens! Those that go the legal route are very welcome – these are immigrants. However, it doesn't matter what color they are – legal, illegal, or native citizens. We are probably more color-blind than the so-called tolerant Dems are.


    • Edwardkoziol says:

      This is true,this spook could watch Obutthole kill someone and Juan would say the victim stepped into the bullet.

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    I hope Juan would read this because I'm of the opinion is that Williams is a bigger racist then I'll ever be.To call the tea party racist because of immigration bill is idiotic.Who the hell needs all these illegals in this country to bleed us dry I'm tired of this crap that they live in the shadows and once they come out they'll pay taxes that is bullshit and people like Ryan,Grahamnesty,McCain and other RINOs know this.Juan Williams is as bad as Snowden in my books,he wants illegals because they will vote for democraps

  6. Juan Williams IS just another CRACKHEAD N***ER!!!! IF you look at his eyes you can tell he IS STONED on DRUGS and IS most EVERY TIME he is on Fox!!! They should FIRE HIM for using drugs at work!!!

  7. Juan, I really want to like you but you are dumber than a box of rocks! Open your mind and your eyes and you will realize the real racists and bigots are the liberal, elitist Dumbocrats.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Vote rocks are smarter then Williams he will never say anything bad of Obummer because Juan is black like Obutthole.

  8. BronxGirl says:

    Juan never has a positive thing to say. He's a racist in his own right. And, I agree Fox should give him the boot. But, you know as well as I, that will never happen. Fox would be blasted as racist for obvious reasons if they fired him. I, too, hate listening to his whining and ranting, especially on O'Reilly. He would swear his allegiance to Obummer no matter what. He's loyal to his race, period!

    • Now that’s the last straw Bronxgirl! How dare you insult the blacks comparing them to this whacko. I suspect NOBODY likes him. Even stupid black people can’t stand him let alone the intelligent ones.

  9. David F. says:

    Gee Juan, your thought process is the only thing "Transparent" in this Administration, and don't worry we already figured that you were being for by the Oblamo Administration.

    You even mentioned the "Lefts" plan…get the "Amnesty" now, and then feign Financial Hardship to the American People as the reason the Southern Border wasn't closed, so we'll be right back here in 10 to 15 years doing this whole song and dance routine again. Oh yeah, I also forget to mention that you'd blame the Financial Hardship on the Republicans, and not on all the crap this Administration has spent Taxpayer Money on….like funding Terrorist Organizations, funding your Wall Street, Corporate and Banker buddies "Tax Incentives" while failing to prosecute the bastards that caused this mess!! Oh, and let's not forget all the BILLIONS in Taxpayer money to send the Obama's and hundreds of their closest Communist Collaborators on Past, Present, and Future Vacations while the Average American Family doesn't even have enough extra money to go out to dinner at a nice restaurant even once a month because of all of Oblamo's Inept and Ineffectual Policies and Programs….well they're Inept and Ineffectual unless the idea was to use them to destroy the U.S.!!

  10. Nexgenesis says:


  11. RacerJim says:

    The only saving grace for FOX not to fire Juan Williams is the he makes it as clear as clear can be what "We the people…" are up against. He is so racially blind that I'd almost bet he'd agree with Trayvon Martin's 'girlfriend' who testified that Trayvon told her he was being chased by a "crazy ass cracker" and that she didn't think that was a racist comment.

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