Video: John Kerry Carries A Rosary, But Is Okay With Abortions!

John Kerry fits right in with the Chicago Mob; he takes every advantage that he can, both legal as well as illegal, like when he tried to dodge a $500,000.00 tax bill on his $7,000,000.00 yacht.

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  1. Kerry, like Jane Fonda, need to be jailed for treason. Also a lying, coward anti-American.

  2. It is to bad that Kerry's mother didn't have an abortion!!!

  3. The worse thing for a believing catholic is to turn around and see John Kerry standing behind you with his hand out to say "peace on you".

  4. Surely no-one in the editorial oversight of "Impeach Obama" can possibly think that videos from this man will enhance the reputation of the blog? On the contrary, this unshaven man, replete with gold chain (!) and shifty look can only do harm to this worthy web siyte. I'm sorry to say, he looks like a sleazeball, and I would strongly suggest he is discontinued. I speak as concerned viewer, who yearns for the rapid end of the shocking Obama regime.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      And I speak as a concerned citizen that you are trying to do away with free speech to push President Obuttholes liberal socialist agenda.i would trust more in what this man has to say then what the igger has to say.send your picture so we can see if your one of those earring wearing scumbags.

      • As a matter of fact, I am retired, and politically a Reaganite. In former times, would have been called a "square" – no ear-ring for me (G_d, no!). Since you raise the Obama spectacle, I will deal with that only. I believe that the Obama 'episode' is one of greatest constitutional scandals that has been the misfortune of this country to experience. The Alinsky and fellow-traveller conspiritors are most to blame, but the supine attitude of the GOP must also be condemned. There are huge, unanswered questions over Obama's origins, his history in education and work, his qualifications for office, and his
        (secret) aspirations for the US. For the GOP to sit on their hands over two elections is unforgivable.
        To my mind, Obama is a sleeper, intent on damaging this country.
        Finally, every effort must be made to publicise his wrong-doings, but it must be made in a credible way, with credible 'witnesses'. The person facing these videos does not have credibility because of his appearance and manner of speaking – and can only do damage to the cause.

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Lurch Kerry is no more catholic then Killer Ted Kennedy was.He would have been excommunicated if he didn't give big money to the church.You know the catholic church will look the other way as long as you donate.Poopalosi is another one that should be bounced.Carrying a rosary doesn't make you a good catholic

  6. Ed,
    You don't help the conservative cause by hurling racist ephthets against Obama. You're just solidifying his supporters, and confirming their charges of racism againt you and all his detractors.

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