Video: John Brennan, Alleged Obama Blackmailer, Gaining Dictatorial Power

For anyone who has done even a cursory study of Barack Obama’s life, they know that his radical Marxist views are not a recent phenomenon.  They probably go back to his Occidental days, most definitely to the New York years, where he attended at least two (and probably three) of the annual Socialist Scholars Conferences held in Manhattan.

This leftist bent continued with his association in the 1990s with the Marxist New Party; socialist-funding groups like the Woods Fund (where Obama, with Bill Ayers at the helm, doled out money to groups like ACORN); and his later connection to the anti-Iraq War movement, anti-torture movement, anti-drone movement, etc.

So when Obama ascended to power, none of us who had been doing even basic research on Obama were surprised when he surrounded himself with a gaggle of leftist ideologues. But like those picture games kids play where the question is asked “What doesn’t belong?”, it was extremely odd when Obama in 2008 put John Brennan at the top of the list to head the CIA.

For years, as part of the CIA, Brennan was knee-deep in Bush’s use of waterboarding and psychotropic drugs to gain information. He was a proponent of the Iraq War, a proponent of drones to carry out assassinations, and a Republican—all things Obama and his leftist base have fought against for years.

And Obama’s leftist base was livid and demanded that Brennan’s name be withdrawn from consideration for CIA head.

Obama brought Brennan into the inner circle anyway, giving him the job of what has turned out to be a position more powerful than the CIA director. His title sounds innocuous enough: Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism.

Brennan, running something akin to a fiefdom with his drone assassination program, has the power to decide who lives and who dies and doesn’t have to provide evidence to any entity that the “target” presents any threat to America—even if they are an American—even if the American is living in the United States!

Investigative Reporter Michael Isikoff uncovered a secret memo, entitled “Lawfulness of a Lethal Operation Directed Against a U.S. Citizen who is a Senior Operational Leader of Al Qa’ida or An Associated Force.”

The memo gives the Obama Administration—in effect, Brennan—the authority to kill any American citizen at anytime for any reason without proof, without due process, and with absolutely no oversight.

But this unchecked power exercised by John Brennan is mild compared to what we learned with the recent release of an extensive book on the Benghazi consulate attack. Benghazi: The Definitive Report, released on February 12, makes the shocking claim that Obama’s chief counter-terrorism officer, John Brennan, aside from having the authority to murder American citizens, has been waging a series of secret wars in North Africa and the Middle East against Al Qaeda and Al-Qaeda-linked groups. How secret? So secret that he and his minions at JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) operated not only outside the purview of Congress, but outside the purview of the Pentagon and CIA. Former CIA head David Petraeus wasn’t even aware of Brennan’s secret wars!

According to Benghazi: The Definitive Report, the attack on the Benghazi consulate had nothing to do with, as we were told, an amateurish anti-Muslim YouTube video leading to a “protest turned violent,” but was retaliation for John Brennan’s JSOC attacks on the Libya-based terrorist group Ansar al-Sharia.

So the question becomes: Why does a leftist ideologue President pal up with a man—John Brennan—whose ideology is the complete opposite to his?

For the answer to this, we must go back to the beginning of 2008 when it was announced that a company that no one had ever heard of—Analysis Corporation—had breached Obama’s passport file.

The incident was reported to simply be mischief, and the employee was reprimanded. We would soon find out that John Brennan, then advisor on intelligence and foreign policy to the Obama campaign, headed Analysis Corporation.

What we weren’t told at the time, however, was that Analysis Corporation (now Sotera Defense Solutions) then as now not only had access to virtually every passport of every American, but Social Security numbers (and probably birth certificates.)

We were told that Analysis Corporation was a State Department contractor. This was only partially true. Analysis Corporation was a database-crunching company focusing on national security and counterterrorism and thus worked for virtually every government entity with a connection to U.S. intelligence: CIA, FBI, DHS, etc. The Analysis Corporation was staffed by former government agents, which was why John Brennan, who had been the former second-in-command at the CIA, ran the company.

It has been theorized that the 2008 breach of Obama’s records was not in fact simply mischief by an employee, but was a cover to purge Barack Obama’s file of any reference to foreign citizenship.

What if in fact Brennan, as head of Analysis Corporation and obviously with access to Obama’s records, breached his file not to cover for him, but to blackmail him?

When John Brennan looked at Obama’s passport, his Social Security file, and possibly his birth certificate in early 2008, what exactly did he see? Something that America would find deeply disturbing? Something that would disqualify Obama from being President like the fact that Obama probably became an Indonesian citizen when his mother married Lolo Soetoro, as evidenced by Obama’s grammar school records, indicating that he was a Muslim Indonesian with the legal name of Barry Soetoro?

Is Brennan using this information to force Obama to make him CIA chief?

What exactly does Brennan gain by becoming the CIA chief? Not simply becoming the head of our spy agency. This would give him access to virtually all electronic communications: phone, email, text, video—everything—access to a database that has been in the works for years, covering every single American—an Orwellian database that was revealed by a former National Security Agency whistleblower in July of 2012.

We also know a wide-scale domestic drone program is coming. The DHS has branded it for “public safety.” Who will be in charge of this “public safety” drone program? Probably the person with the most experience with drones: John Brennan.  With access to every piece of information on every American,  able to dispatch a drone to spy on and and kill anyone at any time, he will be the most powerful person in the United States.

John Brennan, dictator, brought to power all because Barack Obama wants to keep his records secret.

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  1. Al Metcalf says:

    The difference between Obama and Brennen — Color….

  2. bobindallas says:

    Everything is ok. Brennan has converted to Islam and is now a full-fledged Muslim.

  3. bobindallas says:

    Everything is ok. Brennan is a Muslim convert.

  4. So now we are the infidels. What luck.

  5. Assuming this story can be proven it should be on all the T.V. Networks all the large MSM newpaperrs. It is a serious allegation and must be investigated bt the House and the Senate before anything goes forward on Brennan's appointment to head the CIA. What a catastrophe that would be!!!

  6. If this man was blackmailing Obama, I am sure he would not be alive.

  7. Linda A. From NY says:

    It this is true that Brennan has proof of Barry’s record and using it to blackmail Barry Soetoro for a high position, then that makes Brennan a traitor too. I am surprise that Brennan hasn’t had a accident, unless he cover himself real good.

  8. Actually, in his book "Dreams from my Father". Obama recounts the death of the elder Obama, stating that he was unable to claim any portion of the estate, as his Stanley Ann had no proof that the two were ever related. This suggests to me, that the name Obama doesn't appear anywhere on his REAL birth certificate…

  9. Whether the new Dictator of the USSA is Brennen or Obama(Soereto) really makes no difference to me Ditator's are made to be taken down. Here in America We have a tendency to really get pissed off when a Dictator starts trying to impose his will upon the people.

  10. Sherlock Holmes says:

    This is the secret that B0 has kept hidden, but any scientist can identify his mother as the well known entertainer "Paul McCartney"

  11. brabbie2002 says:

    Remember the old adage – As ye sow, so shall ye reap? Brennan better be watching his back at all times or oblowhole will have him committing suicide.

  12. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    Wow! This says it all — Amazing how the truth eventually comes to the surface, in bright sunlight..blackmailing each other — what a tactic while our culture, economy and lives sink into the abyss.. It is up to Boehner to expose this and is the ultimate proof for all the cases Orly Taitz has been putting forth.. The fate of Oshamo et al lies at the hands of the House of Reps — we all should be cramming the Conressional phone lines to get this matter front and center immediately and articles of impeachment drafted by the Ides of March!

  13. And NOTHING will be done about it!!!!!

  14. Only those with something to hide will have their past closed..Brennan knows the truth and by keeping quite then he is a coconspirator in the greatest cover up and lie being played on the U.S. And those who remember J.E. Hoover and his many files on numerous person in Gov. and how he blackmailed them well now you have what you who voted for the person and persons in question are reaping what you sowed and much more than you sowed……Welcome to the completion of 1984 your big brother of the Underworld is now in power waiting for his overlord to come out in the open …..just one man's opinion

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