Video: Joe Miller’s Post-Election Breakdown

Joe Miller has some harsh words for the GOP establishment and even Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Would have been nice then if the Tea Party could have offered us an ACCEPTABLE alternative. I couldn't vote for Ron Paul or Johnson for more than one reason. One being we can't stick our heads in the sand and ignore the nuclear threat coming from across the sea. We are forced to trade with other nations for our GDP and we can't do that if we tell them we don't need or want to deal with them.
    Another problem is those offered don't have the economical intelligence to bring back our economy in the shape it's in. One of the main issues wanted was the closure of the Federal Reserve. What's not understood is to do that we would first have to pay off our debts to other nations. We don't have the funds to pay off China let alone other major debt holders. Another problem is we don't have the gold or silver stock to go to the gold and silver standard. The dollar would be almost worthless. How does that help?
    Sure, you can condemn Romney and Ryan all you want. The reason we are now in the shape we are is because you REFUSED to compromise since you offered no viable alternative, but you wanted everyone else to destroy what's left of our country just so you can put "your guy" in office.
    Go whine somewhere else.

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