Video: Jihadists Execute Sisters And Mother For Dancing In The Rain

Two sisters in Pakistan made the mistake of dancing and playing in the rain. It earned them a death sentence form local jihadists.

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  1. ALL Religions ARE forms of MENTAL SICKNESS, PSYCHOSIS!!!

    • Thats a helpful comment, and well thought out Im sure.

    • douglasjbender says:

      And how do you know that? How do you know that one of them is not the truth? Have you done any in-depth comparisons of their teachings or historical validity? Have you compared their relative teachings with the actions of their claimed adherents?

      If there IS one of those religions that IS the truth, one would expect that it would teach humility, self-sacrifice, compassion, noble-mindedness, mercy, forgiveness, integrity, and love. If it does, then one would expect that TRUE followers of that religion would NOT engage in activities or promote teachings CONTRARY to those teachings (hence one could discount them as TRUE followers of said true religion).

      My understanding is that Islam, the Koran, teaches intolerance, forceful conversions, and violence towards women. If so, then such acts as described in the above video are consistent with its teaching, and both the teaching and the acts would lend credence to the understanding that Islam is NOT the true religion, and rather is a "form of mental sickness".

      I await your justification for insinuating that Christianity is a "psychosis".

    • I can see GDC you got problems, wait till you find yourself alone and in need of God, just remember we all one day will die then what? Heaven or Hell, take your pick and it does it exist.

  2. GOSH!! What a peaceful people.

  3. O still thinks muslims are peaceful

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    This is a civilized country and where are the Hags,Bags and Code Pink protesting womens rights to sing in the rain.Now our head jig is letting more jihadist into the US.Pakistan is nothing but a shit eating country of terrorist.I like the idea of Bill send in our best seals slit the men who murdered the girls & mother throats but let them know that nthe knives were dipped in pig blood.

  5. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Religion of Peace? Women's rights?

    1 religion of peace: Last 3/13 in Lahore, Pakistan where a Christian named Sawan Masih was involved in an argument with a muslim barber named Shahid Imran. Thursday morning, Imran accused Masih of blasphemy. Once the word got out, many of the Christians began leaving their homes for fear of muslim retaliation. On Friday, local police began the process of filing charges against Masih. Saturday morning saw several thousand local muslims armed with guns and batons heading for Joseph Colony. They ransacked and vandalized the homes, businesses and churches of the Christians. A number of buildings were set on fire and when all was done and the last fires put out, the angry muslim crowd had burned down 178 homes, 18 businesses and 2 churches.
    2 religion of peace: Another islam article Jun 28/13: WHY ARE WE CATERING TO ISLAM? Based on the erroneous concept that islam is a “religion of peace,” various leaders of nations worldwide have succumbed to the “victimhood” of muslims and islam and have endeavored to give islam an affirmative action-type leg up. This frequently means granting islam privileges that Christians do not even receive here in the US. Whether we watch as the San Francisco Airport turns part of one of its parking garages into an area dedicated to muslim prayer at taxpayer expense (complete with foot-washing basins). While it’s true that not all muslims are terrorists, it seems clear enough that nearly all terrorists are muslim. This, in and of itself, should help us seriously rethink our position that islam is a religion of peace? A very recent example of how our leaders cater to islam is in the FBI’s decision to pull the “Faces of Global Terrorism” ad. Why? Simply put, it offended muslims. Apparently, some muslims believe that the ad created “stereotypes of muslims and painting a broad brush against one group.” Unfortunately, nearly 100% of terrorist acts (just shy of 21,000) since the original 9/11 were perpetrated by muslims or people connected with islamic groups.
    3 religion of peace: Another islam article Jul 1/13: VIDEO: TENNESSEE IMAM: JEWS AND CHRISTIANS FILTHY. Why do we want to let these islamic terrorist muslim jihadists into our Judaeo Christian peaceful nation? The imam even said later that this is not a religion of peace, stating that unbelievers will die and muslims will take over their estates. This should be burnt book, the quran will be taught in every public school system across the country. The government wants to start indoctrinating children in kindergarten, by teaching them how to chop dolls heads off and eat their hearts while screaming “allahu akbar”.
    Where do these people get the temerity to challenge our system and intimidate the educators in our schools and universities? It is a certainty that those who tell us islam is a “religion of peace” are lying and know they are lying. The question is always, what can we do about it?

    1 women: Women’s rights article Mar. 15/13: EGYPT’S MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD CONDEMNS EXPANDING WOMEN’S RIGHTS. As the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women finalized a document on violence against women 3/19/13. Egypt’s muslim Brotherhood is leading a pushback by governments that accuse it of trying to undermine religious or cultural values. Egypt’s ruling islamist party called on all muslim countries to “reject and condemn” the draft document under discussion at the CSW session in New York, warning that it would undermine the family, subvert society, and “drag it to pre-islamic ignorance.”
    2 women: Another women article Jun 6/13: OBAMA’S “TRANSPARENT” WAR ON AMERICA. While Obama and his minions claim to be concerned that women have equal rights, no other president has praised radical islam (which is renown for persecuting women in horrible degrees) more than Obama. From the moment he took office, he has used his bully pulpit to pander to the radical islamic community. Radical islam is known for the dreadful practice of “honor killings,” in which girls who lose their virginity or become too “Westernized” are killed by their own families. A woman is continually subject to abuse, rape, and violence. If they flee from a marriage arranged by the family, they will be tracked down and killed – stabbed, shot, drenched in petrol and set alight, drowned, run over, or poisoned. Coming from a president who pledges American taxpayers’ money to fund terrorist organizations such as the muslim Brotherhood (whose goal is to implement Shariah law), who is really waging a war on women?

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