Video: “Jihad Slashers”

Bloodthirsty Islamic Jihadist hacking citizens to pieces….liberal government paralyzed by political correctness….nothing new.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Bill is right and in the last Floyd Report I've stated that England brought this on themselves letting in all those camel humpers and now they are paying for it.The US has to wake up because it is happening here and Ubunghole isn't doing to stop them,as a matter of fact he is letting more come in.Ubunghole is one of them.

  2. Wiseoldlady says:

    The border would be a wonderful place for target practice…….. Someone needs to burn down the sign of several different languages. Remove the convenient water spot. Transfer thousands of rattle snakes there and spiders. Plant some mines….. Lets see if they keep coming….. Does this sound cruel!!!! NOT really. What this pond scum president is doing is cruel….. He is setting us up to be killed or destroyed. So lets do it first.

  3. Sherlock Holmes says:

    At one time the Brits actually eradicated religious radicals, when they got to India, the Brits that were actually at one time a superior moral culture, they simply disbanded the Kali murder religion. That is the job of a socially responsible culture. I couldn't find anywhere in history where the had any meetings with them to determine their 1st amendment rights. The Indians have been eternally grateful for the Brits assistance in eliminating the Kali, and have not brought the religion back.

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