Video: Jesse Jackson Threatens Gun Shops

Jesse Jackson talks about wanting more jobs, yet has no problem protesting job creators.

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  1. Jackson is a pice of crap a lier and steels money from the black people He needs to go

  2. What an idiot. Doesn't he realize where the guns are? Attacking gun shops is like attacking a pride of lions without a gun because they caught dinner. The Rainbow Clowns will be mince meat.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Jesse Jackson is a snake living off the black people,the man has no shame.Who in their right mind would listen to this black idiot.The only thing he's good for is knocking up a young black girl who if she had a gun could have shot his dink off.

  4. Seeks_the_truth says:

    LEGAL guns are not the problem. It's the ILLEGAL guns your 'boys' like playing with that are. Teach your boys manners, morals and how to be a respectable citizen and we won't have any more problems.

    I'll HELP kick you to the curb you come around my gun shops Jessie.

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