Video: Jesse Jackson Compares Hugo Chavez To Founding Fathers

“Well, you know, democracies mature, Our first 15 presidents owned people. They owned slaves. Democracies mature.”

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  1. Jesse Jackson is irrelevant.

  2. Why does every one say we live in a democracy we dont we live in a constitutional republic big difference. Democracy:51% dictates to the 49% Constitutional Republic: Constitution gives guaranteed rights to every individual so just because the majority doesn't like some of those rights (the most obvious one being gun rights) they CAN NOT take that right away. Unfortunately alot of people really think we live in a democracy so they think they can strip the rights of other people just because the majority doesn't like said rights.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Who would listen to anything this irrelevant old igger says. The old dildo couldn't raise his son to be a honest man .Father like Son two assholes.I wish Jackson would just disappear into the sunset.

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