Video: Jeremiah Wright On The Obamas: “Church Was Not Their Thing”

I can’t really say I am surprised. Are you? After all, he never really went to church after he was elected president.

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  1. ProundPatriotToo says:

    Of course not, Obama is a Muslim and his wife, Moocheata is a phony, hateful women. They both are godless in their hearts. They are evil and hateful of everyone and everything. They have allowed hateful cancer to eat them up inside.

  2. David F. says:

    I wonder if the Police were to do a "Search Warrant" on the White House, if they'd find DVD's of Muslim Imam's teachings or even Radical Muslim websites on the Obama's "Personal" computers/Laptops. After all almost all of us know that they're Muslims…which explains why when his daughters are with him, you never see them looking up, they always have their eyes down like they do in Muslim countries. It supposed is being done so that they don't "Tempt" men to Rape or have lustful thoughts about them, and trust me, I've served in the Military in a bunch of Muslim countries. and have had numerous Culture and Behavior briefings before being sent to the "Sandbox" about this type of thing.

  3. Heaven to Betsy, I'm so ick of all this Obama B S. Snatch him out of the Hite House/ off air Force 1 or where EVER you/they have to jut Remove him from our country.. This Is Most SICKENING… Disgusting and Wearing On A Person… REMOVE. THOSE PEOPLE.. How Ever. FBI- CIA. – SPECIAL FORCES BLACK OPS. Any Branch Of The Military. Russia, China, Japan, Korea. Anybody!! With the cojones. To do it. Please Do It..

  4. RacerJim says:

    The Obama family has in fact very rarely gone to Church since they’ve lived in OUR HOUSE.

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