Video: Jamie Foxx: “It’s Great To Kill All White People!”

Jamie “Obama is our Lord and Savior” Foxx is at it again, touting his new movie Django Unchained, where he gushes that he gets to “kill all the white people…How great is that?” Apparently pretty great by his enthusiasm and the audience’s reaction. Why not break out into the New Black Panther’s soliloquy of “kill all the crackers!”

This is the elite of our media? Kind of makes one sick…

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  1. Wow they condem white people for the past and present racism but its okay for him to say that he wants to kill white people wtf is that?

    • Guess I won't be watching any of his crappy movies!!

    • Yes and maybe we should go outside each Theatre and show how much disgust we have for the production of this trash. Also we need to know who finances this s—t and let them know we will not attend these theaters or watch anything produced and directed by the AHs. There are a lot more whites who attend than Blacks so lets boycott the Bastards.

  2. Please, everybody, boycott this movie and all those clueless Hollyweird commies who think they understand the common man's plight.

    Where are the media shouting "racist" at the top of the lungs……typical dysfunctional liberal hypocrisy!

    • james tibbs says:

      Damn near every one in hollywood or at least the so called movie stars are liberals/progressives, code word for communists. What we, and I have been doing for the past four years is boycott their movies. Money is what they run on, it gives them mouth power, and phony esteem, so lets see how they do if they don't have as much of it. Every time you go to a movie, you are putting money in their pocket, and it goes to a no good cause, most often.

      • Linda A. From NY says:

        Hi James,
        We should boycott all those actors and singers many of them raised money for this muslim monkey. I will not mention the names of these actors or singers, some of these people have hosted parties at their homes and others had concerts all in the name of re-electing the worst president of US history.

        The best way to fight back is not to go to and see their movies or by their cds and if possible boycott too, certain news channels that support this bogus prez, let there ratings go down.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      This is why I love marathons of Clint Eastwood and John Wayne movies. A real Patriots movies never get old.

      • transplantedpeach says:

        You sound JUST LIKE my husband. Every time a Duke movie comes on, he acts like he's never seen it before. If I ask a question, he's obviously wishing I were quiet. He's got to know the dialogue by now. Lol –

        • Seeks_the_truth says:

          You TALK during The Duke movies!?!?!? That's almost SACRILEGE!!! LOL

          • transplantedpeach says:

            I'm on the computer in another room and when I have learned something news breaking, I want to update him.

            I am in real time concerns and he's back there Out West with the Duke, Lol –

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            Only breaking news worthy of interrupting The Duke is that a nuke has went off outside.
            And that's only because it will crash the movie! lol
            You just don't mess with The Duke or Eastwood. =D

  3. Michael Bartholmew says:

    If they are not killing each other (which they already do quite well), they savor the thought of killing whites, for a reason that cannot be justified (unless you consider difference in skin color). The problem(s) with black people is not their color, it is their virtual demented mentalities. Michael Jackson proved color can be changed but an inherent lack of civilized intelligence cannot.

    • Change of Pace says:

      Agreed, for the most part. The thing is this: There are a lot of black people whose sentiments are not what Jamie Foxx’s sentiments are, and don’t want to have anything to do with this garbage, or O’Bummer, either! This attitutde that it’s okay to kill whites because of skin color is as racist as can be–where are the other people, in power, who are objecting to it? Where are you? I am listening, but I don’t hear any objections from the White House peanut gallery!

  4. Jack Strassner says:

    I think it is time to start a war, and the first casualty needs to be the super Communistic Racist Barak Obama!

    This “Son of Satan” has managed to just about destroy this country

    and there is not one man left with the courage to stand up to him

    and call. Him what he is! He is nothing more than the father of

    Lies himself! He is SATAN incarnate and I would give anything

    To tell him this to his face on national TV! Maybe it would wake

    Up someone that could do something about getting rid of this

    Cancerous growth!!

    • VirgoVince says:

      IF I could get close enough, his breathing would have stopped years ago!!!!
      WHY is he still breathing??

      • Change of Pace says:

        (LOL) You know, Vince, I have told my husband that I cannot fathom why Obama is still alive! He has done so much, to so many! I would think by now, someone would have managed!

    • I totally 110 percent agree with you, he needs to be impeached and thrown out of office and this country. Jerk, Jerk, obama, take Jamie Foxx with you.

  5. Nexgenesis says:

    This guy represents a mentality that is scarry, and if he was a white man he would have already been incarcerated, but because he is a black man in America he can say and do anything he wants to and there is no reprecussion. It is this mentality that guarantees that America is in its last stages of any thing that resembles the free society that I was raised in.

  6. VirgoVince says:

    Watch your mouth, ugly ni666er boy, you're still the minority and whites are NOT your only enemy!!
    You just painted the target on your own back!! How about WE kill ALL ni666ers??

  7. I guess some blacks figure they can say anything they want. Only whites are racists. This is a call for an end to what is left of Jamie Foxx career.

  8. Puddentain says:

    I love Tarantino and DeCaprio but I will NOT support this movie because of THIS. I'm sure my little contribution won't be missed but at least I know I can spend it on supporting people I enjoy. I've started adjusting my spending habits accordingly.


  10. Jamie, go back under your rock and stay there.

  11. james tibbs says:

    He is a B actor, and a poor one at that. Also a racist, but I hope he dosen't get too wrapped up in his role as a whatever. It could be his waterloo.

  12. Alvin York says:

    This wouldn't happen if the KKK was more active.

    • Robert Browning says:

      The KKK, are you kidding me. The organization that the Democrats started. Where is Byrd, Biden, Clinton, Reed. Are they to proud to come out an support their own kind. To helll with the KKK, we just need more guns and body bags.

    • VirgoVince says:

      Maybe you meant the NRA, they're the new KKK, haven't you heard??
      NO excuses for missing the target!!

  13. sick

  14. Al Metcalf says:

    Yes, this is what we need in this country, more illiterate people to put on a pedestal and immitate, as if they actually had something to say that was worth the time it would take to listen.

    Jamie Foxx, someone for all black people to aspire too….. NOT..

  15. UNFORTUNATELY, this “black” peice of garbage is from my state, Texas. At one time, we were proud to call him a “native son”, but now, all we can call him is a “native” and not a “native of Texas”, rather the origin of where he and his subhuman kind came from, the jungles of africa, of which they, all those “blacks”, or, maybe a more appropriate way of spelling what this useless, peice of black shite is, “i66er” ! Only one of that kind would open his stupid, fat igger lips and say such stupid things. And as for where he was born and raised, TERRELL TEXAS, maybe we should BOYCOTT TERRELL instead, maybe they’d get ashamed enough of being the birth place of such an ANTI “american” peice of offal from the sewers there, and openly state that they are ASHAMED OF HIS CRAPPY AND STUPID BEHAVIOR! But, considering that he is just one more, in a very long line of stupid “iggers” what else can one expect from one of those not quite human species? I admit it, I am a biggoted racist homophobic islamiphobic American. Not by choice, but rather by being forced into it, by the likes of this idiot from TERRELL TEXAS! I hate to even say that this is where he is from, but it is, sad fact of the matter. I wonder, if he realizes that his favorite sexy lady, Halle Berry, is HALF WHITE, her MOTHER IS A WHITE WOMAN! I wonder, does he WANT TO KILL HALLE”S MOTHER? I wonder, WHAT DOES HALLE THINK OF THIS HATEFUL AND MOST RACIST REMARK? Coming from a man who smooched her and snuggled up to her on another awards show, some “black” entertainment awards show………a while back. I wonder, just how many of his half and half friends think this is “funny”, and I wonder, how many of us will never go to see another of his movies, or rent them, or even watch them when they are FREE on television? Well, I don’t know about you, BUT I WILL NEVER EVER WATCH ANOTHER OF THIS BASTARD”S MOVIES AS LONG AS I HAVE A TV SCREEN! I’d watch a shit slinging show before I’d ever watch one second of another of this IGGER”S BULLCRAP! He can kiss my money, and my time goodbye, and I hope, the rest of yours too! Stupid, ignorant, dimwitted, half human, half ape, peice of igger crap! Ugly in the bargin. Not in the least bit attractive, with those big fat lips, and kinky nappy hair! Is this INSULTING ENOUGH YET FOR YOU MR. DUMBASS FOXX? I can do better if it isn’t. Personally, I would like to see more of your useless, lazy, good for nothing kind dead too. But, I wouldn’t waste my time in prison to do it, I’ll let you do it yourselves, as you idiots seem to be doing one hell of a good job anyway! Black on black murders are the going thing for you and your kind. You do it best!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I'm with you there Dis I will never watch anoher movie with this racist igger.I'm sorry to hear he's from Texas

    • Now tell us how you really feel! The people of Terrell, TX were pretty proud of Jamie Foxx, even I was proud to see someone from Texas make it. He really did turn out to be a tall pile of condensed monkey s–t.

  16. Jamie isn't very smart. Kill off all white folks and who is left to support 98% of the blacks on welfare?? Maybe he would like to donate the monies from his movies?

    • Change of Pace says:

      (LOLOLOL) Very good, Joanne! Good point!

    • AnotherObamaVictim says:

      Excellent response, Joanne! I do, however, think I'll simply not go to any more Jamie Foxx movies, nor watch him on TV (along with a long list of other celebrities who support Obama).

  17. BLACK MY A$$ —you now what you are And here s not any thing –Any body CAN DO FOR YOU—-N!@#$%^&*(

  18. This just goes to show how the History of Slavery was begun in the first place is distorted. Don't all these people who keep saying it was "Whitey" who enslaved them have any modicum of decorum and take responsibility for the actual Roots of Slavery. The Roots of Slavery actually was started by the Turks, Moors, Arabs, and African Tribesman way before the Dutch landed in Africa and saw that the Arabs and the Africans had slaves. It was their own kind (Africans) who were trading in Slavery, yet how many "Blacks" or African-Americans even bring up this point? NONE, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA!!!

    Here's a novel idea…if Blacks want to call themselves "African-Americans", how about we give them One-Way tickets to go back to the Motherland. If Blacks just consider themselves "Americans" then they can stay, but once the Hyphen comes in, they get their Ticket back home!!

    • Change of Pace says:

      Agreed. It is not to their benefit, apparently, to bring up the fact blacks sold other blacks into slavery. And, yeah, if they don’t want to be here, let them return to Africa, if possible–otherwise, let them take up their roles as U.S. citizens! Sick of all this pandering for black votes. Equal doesn’t mean equal, if equal just means getting preferential hiring, free government money from the other folks, and so on…

  19. He is ANOTHER disgusting example of CIVIL language! They think that THEY rule now, and you can thank their dear leader for the division & class warefare! NEVER will my family & I go one of his movies. He better make a statement & retrack that RACIST statement! What a FOOL!

  20. Reford Dingess says:

    OK I for one will not watch or allow anyone in my family to watch it.

  21. He's finished..How black is that? Good lord!

  22. I for one wouldn't watch any of the crap that Jamie Foxx is putting out and this little POS should be the first one to die.

  23. As i read the comments,i see most of you are P"O"D They want a civil war! Why do you think they are bringing muslims over here? Use you head,BE PREPARED!!!

  24. Typical subcultural racist.

  25. I had a good friend who has passed on recently and he was of Mexican heritage. He was born and raised here so as he said "I am not a Mexican American but an American of Mexican decent" In other words he was an American first and formost. It doesn't matter if you are brown, black, yellow or white as you are first and formost an "AMERICAN" FIRST! Nuff Said…..

  26. Edwardkoziol says:

    I just hope all he white people tell this igger to go f–k himself and don't go to see this movie then we'll see how many iggers go and support this jig.It's just like sports if the whites don't pay to see all these blacks playing football & basketbal they'd starve which is a good thing.

  27. KENNETH DUNN says:

    It time to play COWBOY AND NIG.

  28. someone needs to tell that racesist off, what a dumb bastard,

  29. I think he should still be a slave….my slave!!

  30. Bring on the WAR!

  31. Briiiing it, big lipped black boy!!! The real deal won't be on the stage or in a studio with fake guns/bullets. Kinda' like your big mouth! Fake! We'll see what you do when your punk daddy Obuma declares martial law and we get the party started. When the real shit starts to fly! Betcha' your skinny ass is duckin' real low like when your boyfriend Bubba is hammerin' you in the shower!

  32. Tricia Anthone says:

    Okay folks, let's calm down – that comment was made about the character of a movie who was a slave and who got revenge on the people that enslaved him and his people. The racial hatred of that time was WELL FOUNDED in horrific injustice! And it's remembered, likely accurately, by a MOVIE – NOT acted out in life. The guy is playing in this clip to a MIXED audience.

    This racial / class warfare mentality is playing into the hands of forces that seek to create a VIOLENT crisis – a crisis that would "justify" government intervention in the form of drastic action. Let's stop playing right into the hands of this corrupt agenda – no matter who one alleges to be the orchestrator of this crap. We are better than this!

    • Change of Pace says:

      Tricia, you sound like a reasonable person. The problem is, there has been an awful lot done to the American people, most of it since Obama was elected. We are also becoming slaves. Our voices have been tramped on, our rights as regular folks have been shoved aside, while Obama blissfully goes on outings of one type and another. While we are suffering his injustice and our own loss of voice, power and gas and oil, Obama is swinging on the golf course, taking his entire family on extended vacations to Hawaii, packing up his wife and using presidential transportation, guards and other things supplied by taxpayer money, to het her off to an opera she just happens to want to see. But, he’s so cool, that we can’t touch him. And, he’s so black, that we don’t dare say anything against him, for fear that we sound politically incorrect. This site is a way to vent those frustrations, and the horrific injustices and anger we are feeling, without firing a shot. And yeah, it’s time for blacks to own up to the fact that they are carrying around prejudices still, even if it’s over enslavement, for something that happen two centuries ago. No one alive now remembers it. No white person alive is responsible, and most of our predecessors were not responsible for slavery, either.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      You're right. That IS what the movie is about. His comment about how great it feels to kill White people had nothing to do with the movie but it DID refer to his personal feelings.
      You can in no way say the way Blacks were treated, after their own people sold them into slavery, was horrific injustice. The MAJORITY of slaves were treated very well. Same as you wouldn't be cruel to your farm animals, you wouldn't mistreat your slaves.
      Now horrific injustice WAS done to my people, Native Americans. Do you hear US going around saying how great it would be to kill White people? Do you hear us saying how great it would be to kill Blacks who HELPED the White man in attacks on us?
      If you haven't noticed, we are ALREADY in a VIOLENT racial/class warfare, instigated by the one who is suppose to be our leader. Blacks assault Whites (and other non-black races) at whim with no repercussions. The LSM won't report this fact, but others do.
      Just go to YouTube and do a search on Black attack on Whites and watch the OVERWHELMING response.
      With the overwhelming attacks of Blacks on Whites, how appropriate would it be for a White person say how great it would feel to kill Blacks?
      I say it's time for Whites to stand up for whats right, and those who are to afraid to come out from behind that skirt of being PC, like you, continue to hide.

      • Well Seeks, as usual, you hit the nail on the head, or hit this little Politically Correct twit right in the old kisser. Where she should, needed to be hit. All this “calm down” crap, and being “nice” because it is “racist”, which is why I went off on some fool going by the name of Blue Collar Man yesterday! Enough with the “racist”, and with the “offend” shit. I have had it with those stupid, ignorant words from stupid, ignorant people. Apparently they think we should all “be nice” while we are being “flucked”. I don’t like being screwed over, and as a further matter of the point, I grow very upset, angry, when I am being screwed over. It is not a “nice” feeling. So, you up there, Tricia, calm down if you want, sit back and relax while you are being royally screwed by this peice of garbage in office, and while this idiot, lame brained, nappy headed jackass Foxx, insults you and gets a thrill out of killing those of the white race! I however, refuse to sit back and relax while my country, and my people, especially my RACE is being raped by those who only want to whine, and complain about “how hard done by” they are, and have been. Seeks is right, this country has treated the Native Americans like shit, from start to finish, and if ANYONE has a right to sceam bloody murder, THEY DO! Because it was MURDER by the THOUSANDS which was COMMITED UPON, AGAINST THESE PEOPLE! And, much worse crimes were commited in our history with these people, yet, they have never behaved in such a despicable and disgusting way as these lazy, useless, stupid, brain dead, peices of garbage that go by the popular name of “african” American. If they like being all “african” then they should find their way back to their “beloved africa” and leave us AMERICANS alone. And the likes of this ape Foxx, he needs to empty his own wallet, and help them all go back to their origins, africa! people like you need to stop with this correctness crap, it grows ancient already. enough. take it elsewhere, where it might be more welcome than here, we need a place to vent, and this is it! if you don’t like it, then don’t read here.

        • Seeks_the_truth says:

          Amen Disgusted! Also, it would help if you'd register your name so people can follow your comments. =D Otherwise it's a hunt and peck deal.

  33. I would not a Jaime Foxx movie if he was a member of The Expendables after his Obama is his lord and savior and now his kill White people comment. Jaime is worse than David Duke.

  34. Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. What are you doing? Pandering to a crowd for cheap applause? Reinforcing a negative stereotype is NOT funny. It is demeaning, insulting, and degrading. The audience doesn't really care. They're on television as part of a live audience, given cues for applause, cheers, laughter, and even boos. Jamie doesn't want to be right, he wants to be popular. Like so many other Hollywood actors, they say the popular thing or get behind what is popular in order to stay in that lime light. After all, these people are temps trying to get more work. Popularity means a higher possibility for a job/role in a movie or show. Well, there's a point where getting attention goes too far. At some point, they cross a line and I believe Jamie has crossed that line. That's the line where you say and do what ever you can to gain some kind of attention, grasping at any kind of gratification possible. Gradually, a dark descent follows that leads to an eventual ruin at which point the person will have one last chance to recognize how they fell and turn things around. However, if they do not have such wisdom, they're done.

  35. We didn't see the white obama in his first term. That's because there is not one ounce of white blood coarsing through his veins.
    But Fox is right that we're going to see the black Obama in his second term. Now is the time he will take on the mantle of Odinga.
    Pray that you are able to escape all these things that are coming on America and the World. The Dec 21
    end of the world will be God's mercy compared to what that time will be.

  36. Typical black SCUM!!

  37. Jamiee Freak, is a spiritual pervert and an anti-christ!

  38. Evil m*th*rf*ck*r!!

  39. I've always said we should have open season on the on these spear chuckers years ago before they had a chance to beed like rabbits at our expence. Of course it's not to start we can make it a year round season

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