Video: It’s Time To Impeach Obama

The time for words is over. Action must be taken. Obama has no regard for the American people. Obama has no regard for the rule of law. Obama has no regard for the Constitution.

Obama shoved socialized healthcare down the throat of America, a program that is driving up the cost of health insurance and is projected to cost almost two trillion dollars—just in the first decade! If the massive debt amassed from Obama’s trillion dollar Stimulus and multi-trillion dollar bank bailouts don’t bankrupt this country, ObamaCare surely will.

Obama has continually tried to disarm the American people, attempting to nullify the Second Amendment through a phony “assault weapons” ban, not to mention trying to sidestep Congress by planning to sign the United Nations Small Arms Treaty. This so-called “treaty” will put UN regulations above the Constitution.

Obama shipped guns to Mexican drug cartels in the Fast and Furious program in order to blame the increase in drug cartel violence on American gun dealers—specifically to limit our Second Amendment rights. Included in the thousands of guns shipped to Mexican drug cartels are the weapons used to murder Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and ICE agent Jaime Zapata. Obama is in the strictest sense of the term an accessory to murder.

Obama has targeted his enemies with the IRS—the Tea Party, pro-life Groups, any group or person that opposes his radical leftist policies.

Obama has targeted the press, including Fox News and the Associated Press. As we learned yesterday, CBS News’ Sharyl Attkisson’s work and home computer was hacked. Someone was “scrubbing” data—that is, stealing files—from her computer at the exact time that she was exposing Obama’s Benghazi cover-up. That it was an Obama operative is a forgone conclusion.

Obama has taken the Patriot Act to an unimaginable, Orwellian level. The NSA under a program we know now called PRISM is spying on every single American, ingesting literally everything that is communicated electronically: phone calls, email, text,  Facebook posts, Skype, travel records—even credit card transactions and banking records!

The time for words is over. Action must be taken. Barack Hussein Obama should be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors—now—today.

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  1. Robert Reed says:

    Obama is a muslim, and that is why he protects them and refuses to state that our enimies are the muslim islamist terrorists.

    • jon graham says:

      we knew that 3 yrs ago

      • I knew Obama was a muslim just by his name in 2007!

        • Linda A. From NY says:

          So did I, his name alone said it all. I did not vote for him in 2007 because his name alone sounded muslim.

          • RacerJim says:

            Although his name definitely SOUNDS like he's a MUSLIME that's not why I didn't vote for him in 2008. Once I found out that after entering college he began seeking out and associating with the most radical Communists, Marxists and Socialists in America and once pronounced the U.S. Constitution a document of "negative rights" (meaning it severely limits what the Federal government can do to the people)…there was no question in my mind that he did not have any "America" in his veins.

  2. Dick Bachert says:

    To "IMPEACH" this America-hating usurper and illegal alien would be to legitimize the damage he has already done to this country.
    He needs to be dragged from the WH in CHAINS and summarily hanged on the nearest lamp post.


    • Beverly Prather says:

      I was hoping for the long ride down Pennsylvania Avenue in the Lincoln Wagon, as well ….BUT, that would put Joe in charge….Joe is the real problem, Obama is just Joe's little lacky…If someone could "dethrone" Joe, Obama goes down with him…. I would like to see Joe take his negro servant and retire to the golf course….

  3. Fred Brigham says:

    So someone get the ball rolling on a proffesional/leadership level stop asking for donations and lets do something.

    • Beverly Prather says:

      It only takes ONE federal court to do it…John J. Sirica took down Richard Nixon, I have been writing to federal and appeal courts in all fifty states, It seems they are waiting for the "go ahead" from Senate leadership…I think the Republican's are waiting until the 2014 elections, when Republicans pack the Senate, Impeachment is a sure thing….right now, Democrats and Joe Biden own and operate the Senate, an impeachment proceeding will fail….

      It 's not Obama, so much as it is Joe, Biden has been running this government from his seat in the Senate, for more than 20 years……and he is not going to let go of his control of the federal government. They will have to pry it from his cold , dead fingers…..

      You are 100% right about "donations" . NEVER give free money to any politician… it's works the same way as giving alcohol to a wino….it just makes them worse…

  4. Talk is cheap. It's time for a action!! Boehner seems to be hesitant to start the impeachment process and I find that unacceptable.

  5. If Obama were not occupying (illegally) the Oval Office and was just considered a 'normal' citizen he would have been arrested by now for treason. So, why not arrest him for treason and get it over with.

    • ANTICRIME says:

      THAT would be the resposibility of the FBI as it is a FEDERAL JURISDICTION MATTER!!! ~ Sadly, it seems that the ENTIRE FEDERAL "JUSTICE" SYSTEM is totally compromised and corrupted within its leadership levels!
      Bottom Line; ~ The Agents are just working class people following orders and will, themselves, be affected by the destruction being wrought upon our nation just like any other common citizen!
      AMAZING what people will do for a paycheck….while our currency is being destroyed along with our country!!! ~ CLEAN YOUR HOUSE, GUYS!!!

    • Evermyrtle says:

      Indeed! We are at least four years late, in impeaching this illegal invader excuse for a president, of teh USA!!

  6. jamesbaxter says:

    imprison or impeach this imposter, tyrant, the all mighty obama or barry who even knows his name, get rid of this unamerican muslim negro before he completly ruins AMERICA

  7. Obama should have been arrested and tried for traitor and murder and also the rest of his team. Obama should be executed and the rest of his team sent to prison for life!

    • Evermyrtle says:

      Indeed, a long time before he had a chance to sell us out to the Muslims.

    • Beverly Prather says:

      I begged to Obama on a serial rape/ child sex abuse case…he had the nerve to send me a letter stating rape and murder of women and children, were not "federal crimes"……the psycho rapist is still in business. Obama is making six and seven figures on federal cases, letting corporations rape women. I'm sure that is against the law, even for Obama. If you want Joe and Obama, I would like help to put a psycho rapist in prison. He raped more than 25 women before me, and he is still in business. They targeted my daughter for abuse, just to break me down. For six and seven figures per case, the fed is going to let them rape women, until the corporations run out of money…..but kids got killed on this case……so I am ticked off….

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Could not agree with you more

  8. ANTICRIME says:

    YES, WE ALL AGREE…..BUT….those that "should be" impeaching him need to be IMPEACHED THEMSELVES for dereliction of their DUTY and oath of office!!!!!!! ~ A good start would be with Harry Reid!!!


  10. folks right now we have only ourselfs to blame..we didnt turn out at the voting booths and elect americans who believe like we do, all these left wing, liberal pukes who are ruining america can and will be removed when true american patriots return to the voting booths, i hate the whole obama admin as much as anyone and i believe there was voter fraud in untold amounts in the last election but it is our duty to overwhelm the next election in 2014 with teaparty and ultra conservative members who will return this country to the american people and when that happens we can prosecute and execute the traitors among us ..

    • Evermyrtle says:

      If everybody felt like I do,he would never have gotten the nomination much less the presidency. I cannot figure out what the American people were thinking to put such in office.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        If you remember, oblameo never got the required signatures on the nomination petition to be on the presidential ballot to begin with.
        4 Democrats have either plead guilty or were found guilty of voter fraud.
        Oblameo was placed in office.

      • RacerJim says:

        The color of his skin put him in office. PERIOD.

    • ANTICRIME says:

      AS LONG as our electoral system remains corrupted, voter turn-out means NOTHING!!!

      Bottom Line quote:
      "It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything."
      ~ Joseph Stalin

  11. American says:

    What we all just watched should be on every channel be it TV or cable, every day, 10 times per day, making sure it is played in between all those morning shows and dancing with the stars, American idol, you know what I mean! Maybe some zombies may finally wake up.

  12. American says:

    We all know this stuff thanks to "unbiased reporting", we know very well, but if those that can take action (Politicians in the Senate) will not take action so justice would rein, then what can be done? How does he get removed? alone with all his partners-in crime of course.
    I am aware that they will be seeing this post sometime, maybe even while I was typing! ha, ha.
    God Bless you all.

  13. A. Patriot says:

    OF COURSE barry soetoro MUST be impeached but HOW IN THE WORLD CAN IT BE DONE ???
    So far it has been ALL TALK alright. Unless the once highly honored REPUBLICAN PARTY in Washington gets their ACT TOGETHER and starts it FOR REAL, it will always REMAIN TALK until soetoro gets himself elected AGAIN !!!
    There really needs to be a great movement to GET RID OF HIM, other than the REAL American Party these days, The Tea Party !!! In fact the ENTIRE LIBERAL COMMUNIST DEMONCRAT PARTY CULT and the MAINSTREAM MASS MEDIA MACHINE CULT MUST GO if America is to be saved !!!!

    • Beverly Prather says:

      Joe and his Dem's have control of the Senate right now, any impeachment proceeding will fail. When repub's pack the Senate in 2014, they will impeach Obama, for the sole purpose of breaking his economic strangle hold…….until then, the real problem is Joe. If there was a way to take down Joe Biden, you would not even need an "impeachment".

      I suspect that is why Joe has that illegal immigrant working in "his house"…..Obama takes the heat, does the dirty work, etc…..Joe is the real problem……

  14. CHRISTINE says:

    I'm not sure you can Impeach an Illegal pres, but he needs to be charged TREASON, for a lot of reasons, but for Bengazi alone, aiding and abetting the enemy with weapons, then allowing no help for our people.This needs to be done soon, befor he goes on his African trip and spends mulitple Millions of dollars, unless they plan on keeping him, then the trip would be worth it:)

    • Lynne Jones says:

      Obama does not need to be impeached. He needs to be REMOVED from office. There is a difference as I understand it. If impeached, everything he has gotten done stays and if "removed", then everything such as Ovomitcare, would go away like it was never passed.

      I'm with you Christine……….maybe Africa will keep him or the plane will plummet from the skies into the sea on his way there.

  15. It's about time!!!

  16. sally fama says:

    So why isn't this happening? What is preventing his impeachment? Who is supposed to impeach him? It's obvious we cannot do it. Everyone says "Impeach", but it never happens. We all know he has committed many affronts to the Constitution, yet no one attempts to impeach him.

    Are the American people so handicapped that we have no power whatsoever to impeach this usurper? If this were a Republican president, impeachment would have occurred long ago! This is a dilemma!

  17. Azang Bugs says:

    Duh. But it will never happen with Boehner as Speaker, and most media would still defend Obama if impeachment looked likely. Boehner and many Republicans still think this is politics as usual. Ain't gonna happen :(

  18. Linda A. From NY says:

    Obama you can go F@*K yourself!!!!

    • Beverly Prather says:

      I'd rather he do that to JOE….Obama is not the problem, he is nothing more than Joe's negro house servant….without Joe, bama would still be selling crack in the gay bars in Chicago….

  19. J. Forall says:

    If all of this is true, and I have no doubt that it is, what the hell is happening in Washington? Allowing him to run for office with so many suspicious credentials should have been caught by someone and provided such information to the American voters. What can be done at this point when he has the entire liberal media as his cheering section and a large part of America is eating it up and won't bother to look any deeper.

  20. Charles17121 says:

    We The People have a fraud and usurper sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective service registration card to prove he is a legal sitting US President .

    We The People demand that the US Congress honor their oath to the US Constitution and remove this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama from office under Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution .

  21. FreedomScribe says:

    It's over, friends. If this fraud has not been impeached yet, he never will. Boehner and Co. are complicit in al or this, the sins of omission and all of that. Do whatever you can to save yourselves and your families. Big Brother is on the march and he has the stormtroopers to protect him. The best we can hope for is a military coup but that will be hard to come by since the fraud has been purging the military of his adversaries ever since he was selected for office. Prepare for the worst but pray for the best. +

  22. Oscar Dar says:

    The time to get rid of Obama has been "TOO OVER DUE". Had Congress listened to Dr. Orly Taitz, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Atty. Mike Zullo, Dr. James David Manning, Dr. Jerome Corsi, Mr. Floyd Brown, Mr. Joseph Farah, and many more, Obama was not even placed on the ballots to run for president, because, HE WAS and is not eligible to run for president, for his father was born in Kenya and then his birth certificate that presented on the internet was FORGED and his Selective Service Registration was also FRAUDULENT according to experts. Therefore, there is NO MORE doubt that OBAMA will be out before the end of 2014. We are urging all the Republican legislators in Congress including all the Governors in all the states to work together remove Obama, by any means as soon as possible.

  23. Impeach is TOO GOOD for this guy. That assumes that he was at one time a legit president. He has NEVER been legit, and should be ARRESTED FOR FRAUD AND TREASON. If he is arrested for fraud, EVERYTHING HE HAS SIGNED AND DONE, IT SEEMS, WOULD BE NULL AND VOID. If he is only IMPEACHED, then what he has done would have to be undone, assuming that he was legit when he signed it.

    I don't know, but that is how I see it. He needs to be ARRESTED AND THROWN IN PRISON.

  24. Beverly Prather says:

    Impeaching Obama will end the current economic depression. News of Obama's impeachment will get the economy soaring. All the people will be happy, when Obama's abusive government regime is sent packing….

  25. victoria says:

    How much more evidence do we have to present to impeach and arrest this guy? I'm so sick of him and his administration.

  26. Raymond says:

    It's time to put Obama in jail.

  27. Edwardkoziol says:

    Obutthole should have been impeached after his first year in office.He took a mighty nation that tyrants feared and turned it into the laughing stock of the world.He kissed and bowed to muslim terrorists,he passed bills or gave money to organizations that killed babies in the womb,He let all these sticking illegals in while telling his Homeland Security not to bother the aliens but had that scumbag Holder go after states who wouldn't let him get away with his crap.Now look at the present scandals what better reason to impeach,jail and hang him and holder and the others along with Valerie Jarrett.

  28. I have been posting for YEARS Obama MUST be impeached, prosecuted and EXECUTED!!!

  29. He and all of his ilk need to be arrested for treason and hung by the neck until dead.

    Not being eligible aside, he and his political friends have committed treasonous acts over and over again and have yet to be held accountable.

    He's using all of the Federal agencies to push his agenda forward with no regard to the will of the people or the constitution.

  30. Impeach Obama now, and all those who have helped cover up this fraud. Remove them one by one until every last worker of evil is cleaned out, and replaced with sincere people who love our nation, and desire to see her restored to what she once was, perhaps even better, Lord willing.

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