Video: It Matters Not Where Obama Was Born!

Bozo’s father was a British subject, and the British Subject act of 1948 states that anyone born of a British Subject is themselves a British Subject! Having dual citizenship makes him ineligible to hold office; what more does anyone need to know?

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    what is wrong with our government?? if he does'nt have a u.s. birth certificate, he is not eligible to sit in the oval office. if he does'nt have a social security card he is not eligible to work in this country what is this individual holding over our senate and congress that allows him to continue as president? i am ashamed to admit that i became a disabled veteran serving our country so a socialists,muslim could sit in the white house and call himself the commander in chief of our military. he is no more qualified to be the commander in chief then mickey mouse. he should be impeached with all his appointed czar's he has on his staff. in my 72 years of living in the country, not once have i heard of a czar on the staff of the president or working in the white house. czars are a communists. has our government turned to communism in its daily routine??
    i am upset with this whole administration and its lack of patriotism. how can the machine that makes our government work, allow one individual to disregard the constitution if he don't agree with it, ignore it and over ride it, if it meets his needs to do so. the constitution and the bill of rights were established as a guide to protect the citizens of our country and over rule any elected or appointed individual that see's fit to change or eliminate any part of our network of rules and regulations set forth in the constitution for us all, not for some, or for one. its there for all of us. Secondly, this gun control crap he is trying to stuff down our throats.
    he isnt after gun control he is after people control. if the american people loose their rights to bear arms then we loose our freedoms as we now know them. the 2nd amendment was put in place to protect the citizen of the country against the politicians. when he ran his first campaign he ran on the word change. his definition of change is a one world government, with socialist and communists ruling our lands. when will this country wake up?? this is a repeat of the 40's when Germany,Poland,Italy,Russia, and all the other countries that were taken over by the Germans. they surrendered their guns and lost their lives. wake up America your being led to the slaughter house like sheep looking for greener grass.

  2. That is true but for which name and social security would you use?

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    I don't undestand why congress is clueless and lack the balls to bring him up on charges.I'll guarantee you if Obutthole was a republican the democraps would be all over him like stink on shit he wouldn't have made it through his first year let alone being re-elected.

    • David1942 says:

      Treasonous conspiracy or a simple matter of racial PC? Perhaps they fear that the black masses would riot should the savior be brought to justice- they did vote for him exclusively. That's called mob rule and cannot be tolerated- law must rule in civilized society.
      The whole world looks at America in disbelief. More and more, Obama resembles a spoiled school yard bully and Congress and the courts appear like cowering, sissified victims. I don't think that the whole lot of them understand our system of government nor our history. Certainly no pride there.
      One man stands out- Doctor and Senator Rand Paul. We all need to flood congressional offices with demands that they support him and investigate all the many questions concerning the administrators. There's one cure for a bully- a slap down back to reality.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        David I call and email Grahamnesty so much that the bozo won't even answer me unless you tell him how wonderful he is.

      • Actually expel the bully or in this case charge him with tyranny, treason, murder, grand theft and every other law possibly broken. The worst is yet to come. Wake up America the door to the White house has just been slammed in our faces. To me, that is the last straw of insult to we the people since we the people pay for that door to be open to us not slammed shut in our faces and told basically "Do Not Enter."

        How disgusting.

  4. I have been saying for "years" that it doesn't matter where O was born, what matters is that he is a
    "British" citizen because his father was a British subject. I have watched video's of when he was running
    for senator where he actually stated he did not qualify to be pres. He even co-sponsored a bill in 2007 or
    2008 that stated the exact wording of the Constitution regarding a pres must be "natural born". He was
    involved in questioning whether John McCain was legal to run for pres and the commission he had to go in
    front of to prove he was qualified to run. Man is this like the kettle calling the pot black? The laundry list
    goes on and on and on about the fact that O is NOT qualified to sit in the WH. The I.D.'s he has presented
    are fraudulent, created, and every bit of history on this man is "sealed" even worldwide (i.e. his Birth
    Certificate found in UK and known about by Hillary since 2008 who personally flew to UK on her way to
    Africa sure odd she would fly north to the UK instead of going south to Africa?). O released his book
    Dreams from my Father, and I believe it was to state "in your face America".

    To me, there is and has been an obvious and well planned out ominous takeover of our country by
    unknown's with super deep pockets for years. America is more than a piece of land it is the jewel of the
    world and the people for the most part are as well. Each day that goes by more and more of our country's
    Constitution, Bill of Rights and our Declaration of Independence are totally disappearing. The judges,
    Congress, House and all of the fed agencies are now so packed with deceit, cover ups, corruption,
    muslims, as well as socialists that it is only a matter of time before it all falls.

    Like I said, this has been planned for years and years and years. This man was not even vetted twice by
    congress because they know he can't be. They know he is not a legally sitting pres yet they just let it all
    happen. The one's that have been career politicians are dropping into retirement left and right because
    they know it is just a matter of time before America and D.C. falls totally into Shar 'ia law, socialism, and
    the country formerly known as America the beautiful will only be a faint memory.

    The word "bold" doesn't even begin to describe the audacity of the current regime's crimes against "we
    the people," nor does it begin to even describe the empty feeling in my gut of the travesty that has taken
    place in America over the last five years. And now, the front door to the White house has been slammed
    shut right in our faces by most likely an immigrant and illegal occupier/usurper. How does that feel
    people? Words cannot describe it. (continued below)

  5. (continued from above)
    There are two lady's that through the years, I have paid a lot of attention to. One is Orly Taitz (CA) and the
    other is Linda Jordan (WA). They have been fighting for a very long time against O and have been hit
    with thousands of dollars in sanctions by corrupt judges for what? Trying everything to prove that O is an
    illigimate pres. and trying to submit evidence that even O himself has put out there to the public that is
    fraudulent. Recently Orly went to the highest court in our land and the door was slammed on her face and
    we the people's. Yet, nobody is doing anything to stop this out of control run away locomotive regime.
    Why not? Why not?

    Listen up America, time is almost gone to do anything more to save America. DHS just bought billions of
    rounds, 2700 to 3000 tanks (which I have talked about for years), set up FEMA camps nationwide, done
    litmus tests on military "would you shoot U.S. citizens." Now the drones are flying all over America and it
    took Rand Paul to pull a thirteen (13) hour filibuster in Congress the other day to get people's attention
    about drone's killing U.S. citizens by the current regime??? Oh and of course the big one "take the guns,
    take the guns" from we the people.

    Look at the happenings of this week people. Many articles regarding Chavez' passing, and how he got
    most of the people in Venezuala on food stamps, govt. housing etc. He created two maybe three distinct
    social climates in his country. The rich, the poor and slavery. Sound familiar??? He made himself the
    poor's daddy Warbucks and they adored him. What are they going to do now that daddy is not around?

    What will they get for their allegiance to daddy now that he is gone? Probably nothing. He knew that the
    more people he got dependent upon his welfare system the more followers he would have because he
    held their future in his hands, oh yes and let's not forget the "votes." I remember O after he was in the
    White house briefly took a world tour. One of the first places he stopped was Venezuela. Hmmm
    interesting stop for sure. The student wanted to go talk to the successful teacher/dictator to find out how
    he became so successful. Duh, government dole equals government control!!!! Wow has quite a ring to
    it, maybe a NEW slogan for sure. Totally amazing folks.

    We Christians are under severe attack as well. Our country was founded under God, which is a threat to
    any socialist, marxist, communist. The DNC convention really proved their stance regarding God and
    Jerusalem. Remember they removed them both from their docket and then oh my goodness some said
    put them back. But, I tell you this much (my opinion only) that when they removed God and Jerusalem that
    was the beginning and the end of their coming judgments from God. It won't matter whether they put them
    back, because it's too late for them.

    God bless America and all of you that still believe in God and our country. I pray for the lost souls and their
    fate that they have already created. I also pray for America and God's blessings.

  6. TexasOlTimer says:

    I've been arguing this since I found out that Obama's father was a British citizen. Thank goodness it's finally being said here!

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