Video: Issa Questions DOJ Inspector General On Operation Fast And Furious

Issa grills DOJ Inspector on Fast and Furious.

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  1. Carl Manning says:

    I knew Issa would cave in a deal. It was a foregone conclusion when he dragged and dragged his feet with this "investigation". Issa gave his game away when he said immediately after the election in 2010: "Impeachment is off the table." When Eric Holder wasn't immediately arrested by the Congress' Sergeant-in-Arms, it was no surprise at all. I am encouraged by the fact that when the GOP loses the most easily winnable election in the history of mankind shortly, the Communist/Islamic purge of the GOP will begin in earnest. These traitors in the GOP will be executed by Obama's goonsquads. The GOP today is nothing more than a party that has been co-opted by former disaffected Democrats. Those who fail to take the laws and the Constitution of the United States seriously will pay a dear price. When they are arrested and strung up on the gallows, I hope the Obama executioner waves his fake birth certificate in front of their faces with a hearty laugh. I hope it's the last thing they see when they are flushed to Hell dangling from Obama's hangman's noose. Much bloodshed will come from their irresponsible behavior in the very near future.

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