Video: Issa, Dept. of “Justice Has Blood on Their Hands”

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  1. Eric the racist Holder is the key to bringing this adminstration to justice and begin the massive cover-ups that has taken place to place this fraud in office….Eric has committed a treasonus act and he and his collaborators need to pay the price.

    • Mr. Issa; with all do respect TALK IS CHEAP, when will you act upon this mountain of evidence? Are you going to step up to the plate and hit that grand slam?

  2. Why hasn't Eric Holder been arrested yet? Mr. Issa doesn't want to prosecute him, thats why. Eric Holder is laughing in his face and doing as he very well pleases. He shows contempt for congress by impeding the investigation. This investigation should be completed by now. This investigation has become a dog and pony show, just another sham to keep the American sheople quiet. Tell Eric Holder he has 24 hours to come up with all the answers that are required of him or he will be surrendered to the Mexican authorities for prosecution under Mexican law. If he does not comply, follow through with the promise.

  3. Why is issa draging his butt on this? More b.s. coming down the pike. He has enough and holder also reports to the American people. Make the guy leave, just do it!

  4. This case will never see any finality. Holder, like a misbehaving child, has seen that he is indeed above the law and can continue his flagrant abuse of office, even get away with murder. He holds the race card and is a self admitted rascist. His boss, who also holds the race card and deploys it on a regular basis. is the POTUS. They also hold themselves above the law. The examples are legion.
    If Barry was to fire Holder or admit ANY wrong doing then it would open the flood gates of all of his illegal and unconstitutional actions. The best part of all of this for Barry and Holder is that they know that the congress, lead by Crybaby Boehner and the senate, led by Field Marshall Reid will never, ever do anything that might anger the boy king for fear of a "black" uprising that wouold never happen but is a plausible excuse for failng to do the right thing So…in closing get used to it America and get ready for another four years of smug, condesending, aloof self righteous BS from your beloved leader. Barry WILL get his way…no matter what he has to do… the REAL powers that put him and the rest of his regime in office will see to it.

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