Video: “Islamophilia”

I expose government officials who lack the courage to speak out or stand against Islamic violence…

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  1. Liberals are not afraid of Christians and Jews. Why should they be? They're peaceful. They don't go around demanding everybody give them stuff, convert or die, blow themselves up in public areas, or declare a holy war every other week. Liberals ARE afraid of Muslims. Just barely mispronounce Mohomad's name and they get venomously pissed. So, Liberals figure if they just appease Muslims, they'll be left alone. Like, "It is better to stand at the right hand of the devil than it is to stand in his way." Well, the flaw with that philosophy is, once they no longer have a use for you, you're dead.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Government officials know that christians,jews and buddist will not kill you but the islamist will put out what everyou call it on you for talking about Mohammy.Plus we have a president who is a muslim otherwise he wouldn't be trying to stifle religion in America.I wonder where he hides his prayer rug.

    • Hi Edward,
      that is a good question where does O hide his prayer rug, or maybe he doesn't hide his prayer rug, if we know he is a muslim the rest of the government flunkies got to know too. I agree with Wild Bill these liberal leaders are a disgrace, to me these people no longer represent the best interest of America.

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