Video: Is The US Military Preparing To Quell The Tea Party?

This video discusses a crazy proposal by a former army Colonel to quell a Tea Party insurrection. Is the Tea Party really a military threat? Will this movement embrace lawlessness like Occupy Wall Street?

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  1. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    This Shameful administration wants all formed groups to fight each other — to create American style jihad..don't fall for it, don't react, stay true to Tea Party beliefs whether or not we gather — it is the gathering part of our collective thinking that scares this administration. It is petrified of us coming out to vote en masse — finally, when it should have been done in 2008!

  2. I querstion whether military will attack, and murder their own families, friends, grandparents, et al; However; an attack on the Tea Party could start a civil war of 120,000,000 people coming out enmasse on counter attack, and politicians will be first.
    We need to buy Bigger Guns?

    • The key is that politicians will be first. Once we find them hiding in their bunkers. Once we find them they need to know that what happened to the romanovs will be like a birthday party next to what they will get. We have their names and have a general idea where their homes are. We know where they work. We know their travel paths. The people are sick and tires of their ways and intend on setting things right. Dont kill your brothers and sisters. Get those guilty ones who perpetuated it!

  3. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    Oshamo is laughable — Just laugh at any occupier on the street whenever they turn to protesting and you have laughed wholeheartedly at Oshamo and his ilk! Never listen to anything any Liberal spews from his deformed lips..Give Oshamo plenty of room to hang himself!!

  4. Actually, the USSA (or Obama Dictatorial) might need to prepare for such a revolt.

  5. VirgoVince says:

    WHY doesn't the military QUELL the dummocruds and the illegal aliens??
    A dream come true!!

  6. So here is my comment. THANK YOU! Thank you for telling me what you will do. To be fore warned is to be fore armed. So you plan for our insurrection? Well this affords us the ability to turn the tables on you and make our revolt a set up for you. So you know were going to revolt and so you get the storm troopers to come out of the wood work to come and kill us. Thats the time refrigerators come flying down from the sky crushing all your little troopers like bugs and your standing there wondering why their body armor did not save them! Or maybe the moment they enter an intersection four cars with bricks crushing the accelerators happen to all meet in that same place at the same time. Again you wonder about the usefulness of that worthless body armor! It seems you forgot about us former military folks out here trying to live a peaceful life . You know the ones you trained to use anything at our disposal. Now the most simplistic things will be used to destroy your complex plans.

  7. America is run by cradle to grave fraudulantly elected multi millionaire thieving parasites with law degrees. Only mentally ill people would vote for Bitch Boxer here in kaliforniah so how do you think she and her extortionist communist ilk get elected. The Tea Party's are here to remove them but since massive vote fraud runs kaliforniah we have no hope. It's easy to see why Bitch Boxer and others label the Tea Party as an extreme threat. I wish the news would show the true comparison between us and the occupoopers. The Tea Party's don't ever leave one paper cup on the ground. Fox News should do a much better job for the Tea Partys showing side by side comparison's.

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