Video: Is The Sikh Temple Massacre An Oklahoma City Bombing Redux?

When six people were mowed down by a neo-Nazi nut case in the Sikh Temple massacre, America wrung their hands in despair with what seemed like a continuation of the carnage in Aurora, Colorado.

A unified America’s heart went out to the victims and victims’ families.

Like clockwork, however, before the bodies were even cold, the Left sprung into action.

The usual things happened.

They called for stricter gun control.

Conservatives were blamed for setting up the environment for domestic terrorism with their “hate speech.”

Michele Bachmann, et al. were blamed for the climate of “Islamophobia” (the fact that Sikhs aren’t Muslims didn’t deter them).

But then a couple of odd things were revealed.

The FBI had been keeping tabs on the Sikh shooter Wade Michael Page and his cohorts for years.

CPUSA-linked Southern Poverty Law Center had been doing the same.

What’s so odd about that?

Remember the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995?

The FBI was keeping tabs on Timothy McVeigh and his cohorts and knew the bombing was going to go down.

The Southern Poverty Law Center had a spy at far right-wing central, Elohim City.

The FBI let McVeigh slip their fingers and had to cover it up.

The Southern Poverty Law Center refused to admit to anything.

And it all came out when Jesse Trentadue, the brother of murdered John Doe #2 look-alike Kenneth Michael Trentadue, begin to file Freedom of Information Act requests and dig behind the veneer of the corrupt DOJ/ATF/FBI nexus.

This all was, however, dutifully suppressed by the mainstream media.

Jesse Trentadue also found all roads led to Eric Holder, the chief architect in what was called the “Trentadue Mission” to keep the murder of his brother out of the purview of the media and Congress.

By all accounts, Holder high fived a “mission accomplished,” even after Jesse Trentadue tried to warn the Senate when Holder was going through the Attorney General confirmation process in December of 2008.

Some things never change.

Wherever Eric Holder treads his feet, dead bodies are sure to follow in his wake.

Case in point: 2000+ dead from Fast and Furious weapons.

The DOJ, ATF, and FBI are still corrupt to the core.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is still tied to the Communist Party USA.

Well, I guess some things do change. The Southern Poverty Law Center now has a steady stream of funds, not having to beg and borrow from the Kremlin. Our old friend George Soros lavishes money on them in a never-ending spigot.

And now “hate groups” extend to anyone to the right of the Communist Party who doesn’t parrot the far-left gibberish dribbled by our Community-Organizer-in-Chief and all his surrogates.

Did the FBI and the Southern Poverty Law Center know the Sikh massacre was going to go down and refuse to stop it in order to blame conservatives for “hate speech” and Islamophobia?

This time, we’re going to find out by starting with the two constants to both massacres:

The FBI and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

What we may find is that all roads lead to Eric Himpton Holder, Jr.

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