Video: Is Obama A Black Dictator?

This isn’t an Obama-bashing piece.

This is frank commentary born from the key pad of a free man wondering how long freedom endures under the current regime- let alone while carrying damage done by predecessors.

The NDAA, NSA, and IRS scandals alone paint a dim picture of presidential opinions toward those of us on the proverbial “chitlin circuit” devoid of insider perks or bundler bankrolls.

Obama is either a Black dictator (despite being bi-racial) using his color to cloak autocracy (which would make the average White supremacist blush), or a misunderstood monarch who finds himself in these messes through no fault of his own?

Take your pick.

When white guys like J. Edgar Hoover or Richard Nixon spied on allegedly private communications of non-criminal, non-treasonous Americans, sizable bi-partisan choruses bellowed disapproval.

Kudos to the ACLU for filing suit regarding NSA eavesdropping and showing itself, at least in this instance, to be independent of the chief executive’s hold over progressive activists.

Compare this to Al Sharpton’s timid I trust President Obama, but it’s a bad precedent because he won’t be president forever.”

Shameful accommodation from someone whose history includes a race-driven COINTELPRO pogrom aimed at Black mainstream and militant alike with no regard for the constitution nor basic decency.

Lending deafening credence to the Black dictator argument is not a peep from high profile Black progressives regarding Obama’s political spying.

Is this what 20th Century activists endured so a Black man (or bi-racial man who chooses to be one) can have his political spying overlooked by Black folks, once the most spied upon segment of the American populace until conservatives made it to the top of the chart?

Not quite my idea of progress, but what do I know? I call our ” precious ” drug dealers and other Hood horrors “chocolate Klansmen” and “zombies”!

Obama wants us to believe he’s a misunderstood monarch, beset by Negrophobic knaves praying for his reign to fail.

The best way to persuade liberty-loving skeptics and outright opponents is to stop acting like a Black dictator because that’s what he looks like.

When Richard Nixon played the dictator game, he had to pack up his bags and go home.

Sounds good to me.

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  1. charles says:

    Yes he is .And we all know what happens to dictators sooner or later, they are brought down and prosecuted.

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