Video: Iranian CIA Spy On Obama’s Secret Nuke Deal With Iran

In this full half-hour interview with former CIA asset Reza Kahlili, who had infiltrated the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a spy for the covert agency and still maintains contacts within the heart of the regime, Kahlili reveals that the Obama administration has sent representatives – possibly led by the enigmatic Presidential adviser Valerie Jarret – to meet with their Iranian counterparts in Doha Qatar to hammer out a secret deal.

Initially thought to be an October Surprise before the election, an official announcement of the deal has not yet been made. The Obama administration has denied reports of any negotiations, but the New York Times reports that officials in the administration have indeed confirmed the talks.

Kahlili also talks about the theoretic Islamic Republic of Iran, and how the particular belief system of the Iranian mullahs guides their foreign policy. The IRGC recently released a state-sponsored video called “The Coming Is Upon Us”, in which the Shia 12er belief that the Imam Mahdi is about to return is propagated; and that to hasten his appearance, blood and chaos must reign over the Earth.

An electromagnetic pulse could send much of the North American continent back to the 1800′s in seconds, and Kahlili says that the Iranians already possess the warheads and delivery systems to attack the US either preemptively or in response to an Israeli and/or US attack on their nuclear facilities. Estimates from the Congressional EMP Commission calculate that anywhere from two-thirds to ninety percent of the population of the US could die within a year of such an attack.

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  1. Sign the petition to have a new election or to have recount of the election

  2. Sign the petition to have a new election or to have recount of the election

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      How do you do it whenever I click on it tells me to sign in and go through a bunch of crap to sign in.Make it simple

  3. How can anyone trust this Obama guy any more with all the LIES and CORRUPTION? All you who voted for him will be sorry. MARK MY WORDS, Santa Obama will run out of money soon.

  4. Linda From NY says:

    This is high treason, it's hard to believe that this congress is standing by and letting this enemy from within destroy this country, why? it's their country too. This is most Corruptible administration that we ever had. TREASON!!

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Hell anything this jungle bunny does doesn't surprize me he'll sell out the country as long as it benefits him and the niglets.Now he's overseas kissing ass once again with a twist saying Israel has a right to defend itself when you know deep down he doesn't mean it.Hell without his teleprompter he can only say aah and aah.I'd love to see him debate Rush Limbaugh

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