Video: Insider: Obama Plans To ‘Kill’ U.S. Dollar

The so-called “Gang of Eight” yesterday announced they were very close to coming up with an immigration reform bill.

Leading conservative Republicans, however—not the gaggle of RINOS that make up half of the Gang of Eight—point out that the immigration “reform” bill has a flaw:  it will provide a back door for millions of illegal aliens to collect welfare.

The cost? Several trillion dollars.

That’s trillion with a “t.”

That would put our national debt above the “magic number” of twenty trillion, the point that many economists state is the tipping point of our economy. Tipping point meaning the U.S. economy would implode.

Add to this the fact that Obama is actually calling for a second Stimulus—as if a trillion dollars flushed down the toilet wasn’t enough.

Add to this the artificially high level of the stock market due to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s endless printing of money in which many are stating a crash is imminent—losing up to 90% of its value.

If one were a conspiracy theorist, it would seem like Barack Obama was actually trying to collapse the economy, putting us in a place like Cyprus where the EU is “taxing”—that is, confiscating—privately held bank accounts to the tune of 40% of their value.

On April 2, Ben Bernanke was asked if the U.S. would do the same thing in a dire economic crisis.

Bernanke hemmed and hawed for several minutes and finally gave up this answer: “It’s unlikely.”

Gee, that sure instills confidence in our banking system.

I guess we’re just a bunch of knuckle-dragging conspiracy theorists who think Obama is actually trying to collapse the economy—by devaluing (killing) the U.S. dollar.

Except that is exactly what a high level source in the intelligence community has stated, as reported in the Canada Free Press on Monday, in the widely read article, “Intelligence Insider: Obama Administration Agenda to Kill U.S Dollar.”

But that is just the beginning. According to the source, after the collapse of the economy, after the collapse of the dollar—after the U.S. dollar is properly devalued and buried long after the collapse of the euro—there will be a banshee cry by the globalists and banksters for an international currency with global government in order to prevent another world-wide economic crisis.

Yes, the economic crisis that they caused.

Obama’s push to gut the Second Amendment, the DHS’s stockpiling of two billion rounds of hollow point ammunition and tens of thousands of assault weapons, and Obama pushing George W. Bush’s Patriot Act to Orwellian levels by spying on literally every single American—is all part of a plan to institute a totalitarian New World Order.

Welcome to Barack Hussein Obama’s fundamental transformation of America.

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  1. NO amnesty to illegal aliens until the border is secured and then (and, only then) will there be any serious talk about immigration reform and then they will be placed in the back of the line.

  2. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    No amnesty unless the border is not only secured with a very high wall, but any one applying must have liquidable assets/funds to support themselves.. Period. Americans are not going to subsidize this attempt to subvert the Constitution. NO, NO, NO!

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      NO amnesty at ALL. I'm tired of them giving criminals free reign in our country.
      We've given too many illegal aliens amnesty over the years that the numbers rise two fold each time.
      The immigration system is NOT broken. IF the laws were enforced we wouldn't be in this position now. The law states that you MUST have assets to support yourself. The law says you must speak English. The law says if you are here illegally you are to be deported.
      SECURE the borders with or without any agreements. Make good on the promise when Regan gave his amnesty.
      ENFORCE the laws, not IGNORE them.

  3. World War III?

  4. Mutantone says:

    Close the borders first and foremost. Any "Undocumented Future democrats" should be banned from the privilege of voting until they have earned their citizenship following the legal processes already in place and their formal swearing in.

  5. It's not his to kill it is ours. How do we defeat the enemy? if you don't know he is an enemy you need to read the believers instruction Manuel before leaving earth.
    Who is to say, just for a moment, a government by the people for the people and of the people. This current administration is none of the above. They have more than proved to us they are a domestic enemy. I don't want my money destroyed do you? why don't we trade within the country if some Satan worshippers say the Illuminati or rothchilds or Bergen group or whoever is using the intimidation Manipulation scare tactics of Satan a defeated enemy then you know their intent is to dominate and control. They can not because GOD is in control of everything always forever. This country has a little over a year to choose. That's grace I would have all ready rained fire from heaven on , oh let's see, Bohemian grove. If it is GOD stand up. HE is not a weak Willy stand far away maybe iffy wish e washy big puck. Don't forget sodom and gamora. HE is the LORD GOD HE doesn't change. HE is a GOD of war. You'd better listen this year at the grove there will be fire and brimstone by GOD's own hand Praise HIM for it also at the Bergen meeting. HE is ALMIGHTY GOD. YEAH! '..And they overcame by the blood of the LAMB and the WORD of their testimony.'….

  6. It has been Saul Alinsky from the start. If 2014 elections are a 2012 repeat he will transform this country into a failed economy just like those overseas. He made no secret about it. Yet the idiots continue to vote for him while they need to steal only 1 or 2 percent of the vote.

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