Video: Incident Prompts University to Reconsider Gun Ban

Erik Fagan and Daniel McIntosh have been placed on probation after thwarting a home invasion by forcing a six-time felon from their university apartment at gunpoint.  Is this just another defeat for the Second Amendment-supported right to self-defense?  Possibly it’s a turning point.  They could have been expelled.  And Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington reports it is re-examining its gun ban, although the current policy remains in effect pending any changes.

UPDATE: Campus Police have returned Fagan and McIntosh’s guns, but they are still not allowed to store them in their university apartment.


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  1. go ahead outlaw guns it is your wallet people will be looking to when they can’t protect themselves! Good luck with that!!

  2. I would not obey their gun bad rule. If those students did obey the ban rule, they might be dead today.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    I'd tell those Jesuits who run Gonzga to go pound salt.What would they say if these students were killed that now they are with God. Students who live off campus keep your guns if you are legal.These Jesuits don't care if your killed so remember God helps those who help themselves.

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