Video: Important Sheriff Joe Arpaio Obama Update

Here, Carl Gallups has an interview with Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse head Mike Zullo. New evidence will apparently convince the greatest skeptic that Obama’s birth certificate was 100% forged…

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  1. Angry Man says:

    It has been known for at least THREE YEARS that the SOB in the white house is a fraud. WHEN is something – REAL ACTION – going to begin to get him OUT??????????

    • only1barbi says:

      EVeryone is afraid of Obama – this is making me sick. I knew it before he became President. Is it Soros they are really afraid of???? IDK

  2. Hope he testifies at Supreme Court hearing Feb 15th

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    With all the evidence that has been collected by Mr.Zullo & Sheriff Joe obtained on Obutthole being an illegal president who do you go to .It seems no elected politician will do anything or our law enforcement will not try to bring some sort of answers to this case.Our press would never go after this illegal and we seen what happened on 60 Minutes with that ass kisser Kroft.

    • When the entire govt. fails to act it is time for the citizens to act. It is that simple.
      So, the question is, who is going to act?
      One thing that people could immediately do is this…..give your elected reps. Notice that they have 30 days to begin impeachment procedures with the end result being that Obama must be removed from office. Advise them that failure to do so will result in a recall election, if that option exists. There must be an option for removal of senates and legislators who refuse to perform the duties of their elected office.
      If there are people from every state who will do this, we could quickly gain some credible traction, especially if there is a means for removing from federal office those people who will not do their job.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        James I call my reps whenever I feel thet're letting us down or I email them.I've called Graham and his office shut me off when I told them they have no balls to go after Obutthole and his stance on Illegal immigrants.when I ask him forn a response put this way I'm glad I'm not holding my breath.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      The antichrist has a death hold on the false leadership of our country. The illegal president is not the main antichrist but a smaller antichrist. I believe he has a leader equal to his own evil., which would make him the false prophet or the beast.

  4. I have said a long, long time ago, you need to stop the puppet master and all those who support this fraud before you can remove the SOB. Those who surround this bastard are the real power!

  5. Gregory bradford says:

    They are all actors and here is how you know it's a fraud! Why are these actors not livid about all this overwhelming evidence not being prosecuted by their Arizona professionally paid prosecutors? Hummmmm? :) FRAUD MEDIA doesn't ask that question? if it sounds like fraud it must be!
    Because it's all about donation fraud! AHHHHH! Yessss! These actors don't look and talk the part demanding prosecution! Arizona is a corrupt state, Joe Arpaio is Rockefeller… an actor.. Orly (whatever her name is) Tate is a Greenberg, we are being duped by Nazi Media… if this comment is deleted this site is owned and controlled by these treasonous Nazi's media! An indictment is coming down on the sandy Hook fraud! don not delete this or you will be included in the indictment!
    Prosecute Sandy Hook Charity donations and these actors… Join the unmasking party where we show up at live events and arrest them! Including Joe Arpaio who you will find will disappear! Good bye and good riddance to this UN GLOBALISM OBAMA fraud donation seekers!

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