Video: Impeaching Obama Won’t Work!

He needs to be charged as a citizen and not as a president; impeachment proceedings are only for presidents. He is not a president since he was never eligible to hold office.

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  1. Peaver Bogart says:

    I think you're right Gabe. If only we could get our Senators and Representatives to act on ineligibility then he could be arrested for impersonating a POTUS and then have him tried for treason. That would make everything he signed and everyone he appointed null and void.

    • It's not ever going too happen u will never get the dem controlled congress to try this president for treason, we can't even get up the votes,in the senate to impeach him .

  2. Maybe this man is right: but IF I know my God, Jesus Christ, HE is the one who sets men up and will also take them out of office! They can be removed in a moment! I am NOT worried about this: MY God is still in charge, and HE alone can change a mans mind and his heart and HE can establish thoughts! so, with that said: what NEEDS to happen is that this nation of people needs to PRAY and ask for a right leader and to get rid of the wicked ones that I know you know who they are!!

  3. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    He's not a "citizen" or a "President". He's an illegal alien impostor/spy posing as the President of the United States. Lawful Penalty for Captured Spies under the Geneva Convention: Execution

  4. Al Metcalf says:

    Obama should have been impeached at least six times since he as been in office but the House of Reps are a bunch of morons and Boehner is a bone head.
    The House can impeach Obama everytime he does anything that is against the Constitution or any law passed by Congress. This does not mean he will be removed from office, the Senate has to do that act. It merely means that the President has been charged adn found guilty by the House and this is their duty, they are supoosed to hold Obama to his oath on every item.
    He refuses to enforce the Doma law.
    He refuses to enforce our borders.
    He refuses to treat all states on equal footing.
    He bought votes on the Obama Care.
    He brought charges up against AZ for their border law.
    He is carrying on a fight agaiinst the 1st and 2nd Amendments.
    He has used the IRS as a weapon against his enemies.
    These are all impeachable offenses against the Constitution and the House should have took his to task at every turn…. Then we could all see who the problems are in the Senate….

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