Video: Impeach Obama Banner to Fly Over Rose Parade

This year’s Rose Parade will feature an estimated43 floats, 21 bands, 400 horses — and an Impeach Obama banner flying overhead.

The groups that flew an Impeach Obama banner during Barack Obama’s Veterans Day visit to San Diego plans to take to the skies again at the beginning of the presidential election year.

Two organizations, the Impeach Obama Tea Party and Stop Obama Now!! – San Diego, have announced plans to fly an Impeach Obama banner over this year’s Rose Parade and over Los Angeles’ freeways on January 2, 2012.

The banner’s letters are to stand 12-feet tall and be visible for a mile, even when flown at the FAA-mandated height of 3,000 feet above the parade.

Last year’s Rose Parade reached an audience of 47 million Americans and 28 million people around the world.

Organizer Roger Ogden has said, “Whether you believe that impeachment is practical at this time or not, this event is a protest of the media bias surrounding the Obama candidacy and presidency.” He believes the mainstream media suppress criticism of Barack Obama while denigrating his critics, so he is taking his message directly to the people again. “This is a chance to voice our disapproval in a way that is difficult to ignore,” he said.

Ogden anticipates the full cost will total $2,400. (Click here to contribute.)

The first impeach Obama protest of the New Year follows the impeachment protest that greeted the president’s visit to San Diego and the national march for Obama’s impeachment or resignation in Washington, D.C., both of which occurred on Veterans Day.

The original Impeach Obama banner flight protested Obama’s Veterans Day visit to the USS Carl Vinson, the ship where Osama bin Laden was buried at sea. According to the official White House statement, Obama chose to “honor our nation’s veterans” by watching a basketball game on the ship as it bobbed in San Diego Bay.

That did not sit well with Ogden and a committed group of conservative activists. They hired a pilot to fly the banner over Coronado Island and staged an accompanying pro-impeachment protest at the North Island Naval Air Station.

Ogden was recently invited to discuss his efforts on an episode of the “America Betrayed” radio program. In the clip, he also discusses the radical roots of Black Liberation Theology, which he believes is Barack Obama’s religion.

Click here to learn more about the Impeach Obama Campaign. Click here to sign the impeach Obama petition.

— Ben Johnson, The White House Watch.

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  1. C Strasburger says:

    That's freaking awesome!!! Wanna take bets that the station that has the contract to present the parade will never allow the cameras an up angle?

    Should we expect anything different from the mindless corrupt media? Seriously, there are no journalists anymore…..nothing but stenographers these days….

  2. It would be great if you could start a loud cheer from the crowd every time the banner passed over, where tv camera's would pick it up.

  3. SEAN MURRY says:

    Good maybe this might get impeachment going.

  4. the veterans marched on washington and flew "impeach obama" banners over washington and over san diego on veterans day, where by the way obama went to watch a basketball game on an aircraft carrier! what a POS! there was NO press coverage! not even from FOX!! even though this was on the internet for weeks before it took place. no one will cover this either! the media, which is almost completely owned by george soros, protects this kenyan born muslim pig traitor hussein obama! our only hope is to send as much info across the internet about everything this treachorous, traitorous, vile snake has done to this country and tell everyone on your email list to keep forwarding. obastard is afraid of the internet because of this very reason and that is why he is trying to take over the internet now! has anyone heard about his secretive "internet fairness act" that was being pushed through 11-20-2011? THIS is a ruse for a government takeover of our internet communication system!

    • LOL, gator!

      NOW what do you REALLY think of Obscumbo! Just joking, but I love your use of words, and totally agree! Flying the flag over that silly parade would finally add some significance to it, although I doubt the media would show it, unless FOX regains that backbone that it used to have!

    • I'm afraid of the internet because it gives a means of communication for people like you.

      • Obviously, uber, you would make such a statement, inasmuch as the liberal left wants their opinions to be the ONLY ones to be expressed. Isn't that why the left wants to control the Internet? By so doing, it would prevent those of us who want to research the truth and to communicate with like minded individuals to be able to do so. Mind you, this is grammatically correct.

      • People like us care about this nation, and don't want to see it destroyed. We are the one nation that gives people hope for a better life. If we go down, the whole world goes down with us.

    • I was anxiously waiting to see video of the veterans' march on washington on Veterans Day, but didn't see anything, not even on conservative media. Is there anything out there showing that event actually took place. Even sent an email question to the website that was organizing it, but didn't get a reply.

  5. good for him lets get him out of office as soon as possible he's not working for us in our White House.
    keep up the good work lets fly a million planes to impeach him. It's nothing to do with race. They should
    not be able to talk about the whites saying they should be destroyed, no more then we should say bad
    things about other races. This President has not done anything in office but make trouble we need a
    leader not a destroyer of our county. All this upset has started since Obama got in office think about it?

  6. Stephen Hiller says:

    If this Presiden is "Commander in Chief" of the military, that makes him a de-facto member of the military, and thus should be tried for TREASON in a court-martial and put before a firing squad.

  7. Milton Florest says:

    OK OK enough with the impeach OBAMA nonsense. It ain't gonna happen so stop wasting your time and money!
    He is doing a fine job of cutting his own throat by exposing his progressive communist ties and those behind him. I say let him destroy himself, it teaches those who need a periodic refresher course in history a more memorable lesson not as easily forgotten. Let him bring himself down! We may even at some point thank him for exposing the real enemies of our country. Those (sleeper cells) of Marxists, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi's and the rest of the fine folks he chose to surround himself with.

    Imagine walking into a room containing Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters etc. and realizing that this is alleged to be the best and the brightest? If that doesn't scare the crap out of the nation then nothing will.

    • Don't be too confident that we'll be able to get rid of him. A lot of people, including some conservatives, still have their heads in the sand. Obama has awakened a percentage of the sleeping giant, but maybe not enough of them. I've had a few people to whom I forward emails tell me that they don't have time to read them; with that attitude, we may still be in trouble; their just living their lives, singing "don't worry, be happy", which could be a huge mistake on their part. We also have to worry about voter fraud. When you are calling or faxing your sentators, ask them to draft a Voter I.D. bill, so that Obama can't steal another election with voter fraud.

  8. We can only hope the FBI sees it and gets a clue. This obuma is a marxist…right there is an impeachable offense. He's only the prez for the left..conservatives and middle of the roaders don't count. Impeach and his wife too…I've never been 'proud' of her. They are white trash

  9. schnitzelschitzen says:

    Because of our complacent nature, America has always been slow to action on issues of grave importance, you know, we again are a sleeping giant. This time, due to our disbelief that anyone would or could do harm to our Nation from within and bring us to the brink of collapse because we are so big and powerful, are getting that rude awakening and because we are that giant our reaction has been dangerously slow.

  10. memphisangel 1948 says:

    ARE WE AWAKE YET? One thing the standing President has one successfully is wake up more americans to the fact that we are freewheeling into tyranny of the police state an the new world order and that the greatest enemy to our great nations is american apathy which has resulted in the enemies of the republic infiltrating every level of society and implementing the agenda to destroy america as a constitutional republic and a free people. Deposing the standing president alone will not stop this as the enemies are in all our institutions. True patriots of a constitutional republic must clean house top to bottom and if the military is compromised then what hope is there for this to happen an without a return to GOD nothing is possible for this great nation now.

    • I'd consider taking over Congress and the White House a real good start – not to mention EVERY state government!

    • You are so right. It is such a shame he has instituted the reign of the muslim brotherhoood throughout the middle east with our money and blood and will try in the U.S. as well. He's such an angry man.

    • That's the goal of the Tea Party, to identify true Constitutional Conservatives, and rid this country of the rest. Pray continually for God's help in defeating these evil people who want to bring down our nation!

  11. Two years too late, but better than never.

  12. HollyMarcyoniak says:

    I am so pleased that people care enough to take great effort to ensure everybody realizes what a destructive, evil person this Barry Obama is !!!

  13. Edwardkoziol says:

    I love the idea of flyig the banner but I'm afraid that the only people that will see are the ones at the parade because the TV stations are in cahoots with Pres. Bojangles.Fox would probably the only station with the guts to show it.They may have Jesse Watters in a plane behind it trying to get an interview.

    • Edward, when you say the only people who will see it are the ones at the parade, do you realize there are about a million people in attendance plus thousands more who live in the area who will also see it? Among those million are people from all over the country. NBC may not show it but you can bet there will be others there to record it and it will go viral on other news stations and the internet.

  14. Becky McPherson says:

    You know, if enough people contacted Fox at 1-888-369-4762 and let them know the banner will be flying over the Rose Parade, I honestly think they will air it. If Fox airs it, their ratings will go through the roof–no joke.

    This banner is perhaps the best thing since sliced bread or disposable diapers! When I read about it on here, I laughed and laughed and laughed.

    Again, the toll free number for Fox News is: 1-888-369-4762 I have phoned it a few times, over various things. You have to follow the cues and press the numbers, and leave a voice message at the tone, and so on–but it is well worth it. I actually feel I’ve been heard because I have seen them air things which reflected back what I had said in the recording.

  15. I think that's fantastic!!!! Now, if I could actually be sure that the MSM would show it, I'd watch the otherwise idiotic parade for a change!

  16. This banner should fly over Washington every day until this spineless congress starts impeachment of this muslim communist!

    • What is it with you people calling Obama a communist and a Muslim? First of all, if you seriously believe him to be a communist then you clearly have no understanding of what communism is. Secondly, even if he was a Muslim, who cares? Or is this the land of the free (but only if you're Christian)? As long as America has people like you, clouded by hatred and ignorance towards others, you will always have a problem. Downvote this comment to hell for all I care, you people are too far gone.

      And please, if you're going to respond to this – use correct spelling and grammar to be taken seriously. Half the comments on here sound like they were written by illiterates.

    • What is it with you people calling Obama a communist and a Muslim? First of all, if you seriously believe him to be a communist then you clearly have no understanding of what communism is. Secondly, even if he was a Muslim, who cares? Or is this the land of the free (but only if you're Christian)? As long as America has people like you, clouded by hatred and ignorance towards others, you will always have a problem. Downvote this comment to hell for all I care, you people are too far gone.

  17. Thats a good suggestion Kris, but they wouldn’t see the banner.
    Heck, they wouldn’t see those most important words in America, ( IMPEACH OBAMA ) (ARREST OBAMA) (USE YOUR HEADS), if they were painted on the windshields of their cars. In my opinion, they have been paid off ( with stolen tax payers $ ) to ignore obamas actions… Piglosi has everything to do with the coverups. Rotten socialist witch.

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