Video: Illegal Aliens Disrupt Town Hall Meeting, Demand Citizenship

Illegals turn meeting into chaos

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  1. "As if we were criminals."? You are in this country ILLEGALLY therefore you ARE criminals. You're damn lucky the police didn't arrest all of you, pile all of you into a cattle car, and ship you back to where you came from.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Promise them temporary citizenship, but they will have to work 100% of the time on building the wall until it is finished and totally electrified.

    Then throw them over the wall!

  3. NO WAY. They hinder their own cause

  4. If this were any other country, I think they would be detained, held for questioning as suspects of espionage. If we had a smart government, they would get on the horn with the Mexican government and tell them to shape up, get a handle on their immigration problem, or the situation will be treated as an attempt at espionage and could be interpreted as a hostile act, instigating an all out war. Now, it wouldn't have to be true, but I think that would get their attention. Perhaps enough to get Mexico to change their policies so that their people don't feel like prisoners in their own land. But, that's a long shot. Democrats wouldn't go for it because of the prospective votes they could use to elect/reelect them. Politicians in general would want to keep the illegal immigration issue going because of all the laws they could pass that would hamper our own freedoms and get them more money, somehow.
    But, yeah. These particular people need to learn what "illegal" means and what you become once you break the law.

  5. VirgoVince says:

    There's that D word again, demand all you want illegal invaders, WE aren't listening!! Here's another D word that's better suited, DEPORT!! Only problem is, NO ONE is listening to US, either!!
    Time to revisit the Alamo, so they know who ultimately, WON!!

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    Who the hell are these illegal demanding anything round them up and ship them to Africa so that it would take longer to get back.

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