Video: “If You Don’t Like Obamacare, You Are Racist”

Louisiana State Senator Karen Carter Peterson took to the Senate floor to argue that her fellow legislators have opposed the expansion of Obamacare because President Obama is an African-American.

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  1. 529_Barb says:

    When these liberal bafoons have nothing intelligent to contribute they roll out the race rhetoric. What a waste of a politician.

  2. VirgoVince says:

    WRONG!! ovomit is african, but there's nothing American about him, except that his mother was, before she got STUPID!! he is non-American and anti-American and needs to be removed from OUR, once great, country!!
    WE aren't racist at all, WE'RE just a whole helluva lot smarter than you ugly idiot libturd aszholes that ARE the worst racists on the planet!!!!

    • Loved your reply… You are exactly right….. I am so sick of these idiots caalling us racist about everything. We are not suppose to think for ourselves, but let all the liberals run this country into the ground while we sit back and say nothing. I could have told you when Obama first got elected 4 years ago that this is what was going to happen. But still dimwits love Obama OR the idea of him. Too bad our first black president has to also be the most un-american, socialist, muslim president we have ever had.If the woman politician that thinks we are raciast if we don't like Obamacare – should also have Obamacare and lets see how she would like it. I bet she would shut her trap how about how good it is then.

  3. Barbara Allshouse says:

    This is one stupid woman. She is one of those people who yell, "race," whenever we disagree. ObamaCare is a disaster. I have three friends who have already died: two women diagnosed with cancer and one man with aids. It will only get worse. I agree our healthcare needs fixing, but don't throw out our wonderful health care–just fix it.

  4. Ernest Rollins says:

    Here we go with another straw man of racist people who are against communism. It has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with race. It's about control. It has recently came to light that the Affordable Care Act will force insurance companies to cancel the policies of people who already have health insurance into another policy, at double the rate that they already pay, due to government regulation. Obama promised prior to the passage of the legislation, that if people like their health plan, they could keep it. This turns out not to be the case. This administration lied to get into office, & they're still spreading lies & propaganda

  5. David F. says:

    Typical Liberal @sshat!! When they can't face the facts that the PPACA (aka Obamacare) doesn't do a dang thing to help out Americans, except those in the Insurance Industry. Premiums on Insurance have already risen 40% and they are expected to rise another 145% by 2014, then something is wrong, and this Liberal Lemming mouthpiece tries to blame it on "Race", then she is in need of some Medical Care herself, namely Psychiatric care!!
    American workers jobs are being cut, or their hours are being cut because of this POS Legislation that was passed…What is she going to tell those workers? Sorry you lost your job, but on the bright side now you qualify for Medicare/Medicaid?
    Doctors are also closing down their practices because they don't want to deal with the headaches that PPACA will bring with it. Are there more Qualified Doctors out there that can take the place of the ones we are already losing because of PPACA? No, and we were already in a Doctor Shortage before this Legislation was passed. So who is going to treat these 25 Million more people who will supposedly be covered by PPACA? Nurse Practitioners you say? I have been that route with the Veterans Administration, and I'd rather go to a back alley unlicensed Doctor than to ALLOW another Nurse Practitioner anywhere even close to my Medical Records!!
    PPACA isn't about "Race" you dingbat!! It's about Healthcare or should I say LACK of Healthcare and the Thieves of the Insurance Industry, it's that plain and simple!!

  6. Equalizer says:

    If the blacks don't like it they can go back to Africa with a Latino under each arm..I am sick and tired of these pele wantin something for nothing.

    • RacerJim says:

      ^5 DITTO 5^

      And, along with taking a Latino under each arm back to Africa with them blacks can also drag a Muslime with the latter's head-towel wrapped around their waist.

  7. Charles says:

    It gets worse every day "if you don't like "Oscumocare"care you're a racist"! What in hell did this jackass disolve from? What did our voting process put in office in Washington??? It doesn't match the remark that if construction in Guam doesn't stop—"the island will tip over". Two very bad examples of how dummies solve situations in our Capital. (Lord–give me strength)

  8. Equalizer says:

    Karen Carter Peterson is nothing more than a race baiter,

  9. I do not care what color his is, pink, purple, green, orange, yellow, red, blue, black white, brown or any mixture thereof, his policies suck and he is leading us into communism. HE MUST BE STOPPED.

  10. Equalizer says:
  11. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Thanks Peterson. I never realized I was a racist. I didn't understand that when you dislike policies you're to look at the persons race.
    So now I know. I don't like obamacare because I'm a racist.
    I also know you're a racist because you attacked Bush and blamed him for all your troubles.
    Ok, so now we know ALL of America are racist.
    Where do we go from here?
    Still doesn't change the fact obamacare MUST be rescinded. Does this mean I get to lynch obama now?

    Say it loud, say it proud! I AM A RACIST!!

  12. Evermyrtle says:

    I despise Obamacare, I am a racist.

    • Ihatelibs says:

      I hate ni**ers too

    • me too

    • RacerJim says:

      I despise Obama, aka Soetoro, aka Soebarkah, because he has always despised everything America was founded upon and has stood for, and he has always been hell bent on destroying America.

    • Retired Marine says:

      Damn strait, I despise obamacare and those who support it, I too will enjoy being called a racist, if that is the new criteria. At least color is really off the table as this is a universal idiocy. Congress, don't fund this piece of toilet paper bill, and it will go quietly into the night.
      All hail the new racism, "Anti obamacare Americans", all races, creeds, and colors are welcome to join.
      Semper Fi
      The Marine Corps, where all marines are Green, no other color.

  13. wayne mann says:

    And if you do like obobo-care or are a part of it you are the racist.!!! As we all know 99 percent of the time when someone screams racist they are the races themselves.

  14. It comes down to you are a damn idiot lady.

  15. Herdzcatz says:

    If I was decrying racism, a truly grievous character flaw, I surely wouldn’t express my outrage with a smug grin! If I were exposing true racism, it would be with anger or tears, not “gotcha” self-satisfaction! These souls really are transparent–we can see clear through them!

  16. sally fama says:

    Do we need to remind Sen. Peterson that Barack Obama is half white?

    ObamaCare sucks because it's going to cost everyone more money than previously thought, and it's going to hamper Scientific Medical study. There will be a shortage of doctors, as those nearing retirement are quitting earlier than usual to avoid a greater number of patients and less time spent with such patients. Fewer people are entering medical school in anticipation of an unmanageable number of patients, which probably means doctors will have to be imported from other countries to handle the larger number of patients.

    There are better ways to make health care more affordable, but President Obama chose the most expensive solution. Creating competition among insurance companies by allowing trade between states could lower costs. I'm sure there are other solutions to this problem that a good economist could solve.

    I, for one, and I'm sure there are many out there like me, am sick and tired of this race card ploy. That's all it is, a ploy. Shame on you Sen. Peterson. You, like all the others, are showing your prejudice. We are not!
    We are protesting Obamacare shoved down our throats. Last time I heard, free speech is a legitimate protest. Again, I say shame on you! It's people like you who create disharmony among our people.

  17. Tracey Brown says:

    Race?? Seriously?? Sen. Peterson–grow up and act like the leader you're supposed to be. The race card can no longer be played. We elected a black man as President of the United States. Now…let's focus on the real issues: rising premiums, lost jobs, and big government.

  18. We need to remember the focus of the Negra when he has money, influence and power. He has always been denegrated and poorly treated, according to him. So when he has money and power his personality changes quite a bit.
    We've all heard the term 'Ni**er Rich' right? That term is meant to describe ANYONE who behaves in a garish, gawdy, and outlandish manner. Here we see this behavior in The Senator, and we see it everyday in The President.
    Notice how he approaches the podium… How he walks – It's almost like a 'cocky strut' – … and how he answers questions. It's as if he just can't be bothered with this 'insignificant stuff' of governing. He's The President now, and he'll do what he darned well pleases! After all… he has influence, money and POWER!
    Look at the current discussions about a good Pakistani Doctor suffering because the US 'crowed' so much about getting Bin Laden.
    It won't stop until he's in jail, and ALL his 'people' get what's coming to them.
    Racist? I dunno… I think they brought it up… In my view THEY are RACIST!

  19. mrshinola says:

    Obumwad is the poster boy for the Narcissistic Personality Disorder and the recipient of the Peter Principle
    immediately upon his induction into office. So, we have a person that has a True Self and a False Self and he hates both of them and he is running our country into the ground, purposely. He has assumed his own
    level of incompetence the moment he stepped into the oval office. On top of all of this, Obumwad is a foreigner from a foreign country, a usurper aided and abetted by many factions. George Soros, Bill Ayers and
    his wife, Ayers mother and father, the Democratic party and the liberal media, all party to the crimes against
    the United States, not to forget Frank Marshall Davis. And when the truth is finally known, you will find out the
    Obumwad-Care was one of the biggest money scam, headed for the elitists, pockets. The biggest crime being his selling America out to the muslims. May God have mercy on these sinner's souls. mrshinola


  21. Riichard L. Hyatt says:

    Sorry but this dumb assed woman is NUTS!!! Its about he hasn't proved he is even an American..

  22. where did the hell this ugly bitch came from? she sure is ugly and talks stupid too

  23. First of all it was the dumbest thing ever done by singing it in as a bill before anyone knew what was in the package. All I see in Obama care is more debt and giving the government more control over our freedoms. Now that the GOP is fighting back and many Americans don't want it Obama and his liberal followers are using the RACE CARD to cry about. Well too bad!!! I hope his world falls down around him and he is impeached soon.

  24. Senator Peterson grow up. I don't want to pay any more taxes. Get with the program.

  25. JuneUSA says:

    At least I'm not a liberal idiot. I don't believe I am a racist either. In fact I know I'm not. I know an idiot whatever color they are.

  26. Oh please lets not argue that the president is a fiscally irresponsible and economics moron — I really do not give one red rats A@$ what his skin color happens to be – My concerns are that the borders should be sealed, the ATF has not right requiring anyone to report whether they purchase a firearm or not, that this ineligible unvetted incompetent boob is a fraud by his own revelation (forged and falsified certifs of birth) and I truly cant care less what the muslims want, and Obscumbocare will be repealed — I want Mr Obscumbo investigated and incarcerated. Again what his skin color is I dont care – He is a RED to the core! and Ms Peterson, you are an ignoramus!

  27. Edwardkoziol says:

    I guess there are a lot of racist out there and some are even black,I know I'm one because as this dumb idiotic senator claims your a racist if you don'y like Obuttholecare.I have a question for this ignorant snowball what was I called when I didn't like Bushes bills.

  28. This woman is a dingbat! Hitlery tried cramming a similar law down our throats during the Clinton years.
    It doesn't take a genius to realize by adding bureaucrats to anything it will get more expensive, less effective, and more corrupt. RACE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!!!

  29. Al Ways says:

    I am old enough to remember the trouble the left had in getting blacks to accept "welfare" because of the stigma attached to the idea of "something for nothing" until the social engineers,psychologists and "chicken bone, tea leaf readers" came up with the ruse of "entitlement" which almost immediately removed any "bad taste" remaining in the mouths of blacks who's own understanding of Right and Wrong still remained. The rest is History…unfortunately.

  30. D Southerland says:

    Senator Peterson is a prime example of why the Race issue continues to be prominent in our Country. Although what she says is not true, Someone WILL believe it!

  31. Racism has NOTHING to do with this! It has to do with the fact that Nobama is a Socialist & a Marxist! I don't care if he's white, black, yellow, green! It's the Socialism & Marxism I can't stomach!

  32. James N says:

    Is it me or did this idiot forget that his Mother is White. Oh don’t forget about the black unemployment rate!. I see he’s doing a fantastic job for them. The real problem is they only voted for him because of his skin color and not the content of his character. Hypocrites!

  33. No wonder people around the country laugh at Louisiana's politicians and its people. Let me tell you the facts, you liberal democrat Karen Peterson, Obama is a MUSLIM first and foremost, not black, not white, but a MUSLIM.

  34. sickoflies says:

    Listening to this Senator speak, now I know why this country is in the shape it is in. It is disgusting to know that we have so many people like her running the country. Yes, Obama is a true african american. He was born in Africa and reared for a few years in the USA

  35. swiming says:


  36. I guess this A HOLE has'nt got the memo about using the race card. JUST STOP ALREADY!

  37. Another thing, I called you an A HOLE and youre not black, green, yellow or any other color, you MORON!

  38. PETER T says:



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