Video: “If Obama Was White, He Wouldn’t Be President”

Another episode of “Common Sense TV” from ET Williams.

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  1. Makes sense to me.

    • Thank you for saying what is true and not what libs always say about the "po black people". Libs want to keep you under government control so they can have your vote- that's all.This man knows the truth, thank God! WAKE UP AMERICANS and unite under one flag, one God, and be responsible. VOTE this horrible man out of office. And, May the next black president be ALLEN WEST!!

  2. Puddentain says:

    Love this guy….Tells it how it is!!!…..We need more common sense like this.

  3. daniel noe is the most intelligent black man alive ,he tells it like it is all truth no b.s.,and he is exactly right when he says a white man could not have pulled this off and if you dont believe that then you are ignorant or a liar,i am blown away by his post,everyone should share this with every one you know i dont know what else to say about this so im just going to listen to it again and again.

  4. Linda From NYC says:

    This young man is truthful and smart, more people need to wake up and I hope many people will see this video.

  5. Well, I would agree except for the fact that Obama has some influential people behind him that helped him get into office regardless of his credentials. So, in theory a white man could do it. It would just be harder. What makes it easy for Obama is the shade of his skin. See, he has not overcome like the people fighting for equal rights. He's using his skin color as a shield. He's letting it define him rather than stepping beyond it. He, like many of his supporters, is setting the equal rights movement back a hundred years. He is destroying all efforts they have fought and suffered for. He makes the statement "You are not human. You are black." Sure, he's not directly saying that. But, he implies it heavily by the things he says and the things he does. So, Obama has NOT overcome and he is bitter about it. It shows. You can see it on his face a lot. He's never grown up, either. This is evident in so many ways. He has demonstrated it quite often. In any case, I hope a lot of people see this video that don't attend this site. There will be a lot of denial, but it could sway many others.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Your right it helps to have big ears and big purple lips plus light colored brown not the real dark skinned negroe because then he would have had it harder.


  7. If all black people were as wise as this young man we would be living in peaceful respect of our differences. Instead barack obama has toppled the concepts of justice and reward for achievement. We have entered a new era of politically correct sanctioning of squalid performance. Let's throw these bums out and get the train back on track.

  8. You are right on everything you are saying, I am totally with you, I Nwould have preferred Alan West or CAIN. I like both of these men, but better thatn barrack, this guy is a loser.and I know he is a fraud and I believe he is a communist. my parents came from a communist country and I beleive what my father told me and you are right, no one will believe becasue they thing it cannot happen to us ,,,,,WRONG,,,,,MY FATHER ESCAPED FROM THE COMMUNIST COUNTRY HE WAS BORN IN, from what I see America is going down that road…
    we are doomed if Americans do not wake up……GOD HAVE MERCY ON US ALL.

  9. I remember commenting months ago about how fantastic this man is about telling the lowdown about dirty scumbag traitor OBAMA-mister williams can slam dunk that ignorant terrorist obama morning noon and night and kick the circus freak mutant mulatto dead square in his lazy muslim ass with his field goal leg

  10. E T Williams tells it like it is with the facts of why Barack Obama was elected President despite the red flags of whom his pastor who hates America and his Marxist mentors.

  11. I'd vote for Cain or Keys or West right now if anyone of these guys were allowed by the left media to become a candidate. I am a White male and would love to have a decent Black person be president. Obama's actions have divided this country. He should be ashamed of himself. He had a real opportunity to heal and mend racial prejudices but chose to further divide us by not speaking against racism on both sides and by running a class war. It is time for the Republicans to reach out and give the Black community hope for a better future. We need to show them that nothing stands in their way of the American dream. That white people do not hate them like the media wants them to think. We need better Black leaders that refuse to blame others and give people reassurance that they are not being suppressed. That they need to dig down hard and make a good life for themselves and their families. That government is not the solution to their problems. I hope I see this in my lifetime.

  12. Wow! I love what you are saying. I agree with the overcompensation statement. I had been searching for a word that would describe what has been happening. It's just like with the politically correct concept. I have no problem with any person of any race being President as long as he/she is the right person for the job.

  13. President Obama IS white

  14. John F Edwards says:

    I first saw this guy a couple days and I went wild on how correct he is, that I sent links for; two of his other videos (not posted here) to my friends. It was completely obvious to me that this guy is a rising star, simply because he tells it like it is. When I got this link sent to me via Email, I went wild when I saw who was in the video, because I was very pleased to see others finding out about this man's stated simple truths which are so obvious to most of us, but scratch out heads wondering why others ( left wing fanatics can't see it). Five stars for this guy, you are simply put, 'OUT OF SIGHT'!


  15. This guy is right on the money and he tells it like it is. If everyone was as intelligent as this man then Obama would have not gotten into office the first time. Obama will tear this country down for certain if he is re-elected. A hot mic caught Obama saying to the Russian President that he would have more flexibility to work WITH him after this election. We have got to get him out of office before it is to late. We can’t give him a chance to be more flexible with Russia!!

  16. you are right. He would be gone if he was white.

  17. A black man who makes sense! Good to see it. He is so right, hope he gets a lot of coerage.

  18. I believe the only way all the American people will hear about the travesty in Libya is by organizing a protest in front of the White House. We also can boycot the advertisers of all the liberal news chanels covering up the cover up. Thank you Fox news for stepping out and taking risks. This man needs to be impeached.

  19. Wow!! It's true. White liberals wanted to show theya re not racist, and I saw mulitple videos of white college students saying they wanted to partipate in electing the first black President of the United States. You can't even criticize Obama now without being called a racist. Evidently they felt you couldn't vote against him, either, or you were racist.

    No, we cannot take back what happened with slavery, but we also were not alive when it happened. All we can do is move and get past it. Liberals refuse to do it and they make everything about race.

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