Video: “Idiot Jihad”

Terrorists are thrilled when they can get foolish Americans to continue a jihad attack by claiming the USA and Israel bombed themselves…

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Obama’s political successes have been due in large part to his ability to give rousing speeches that are so inspirational to so many “useful idiots”.

  2. Linda From NY says:

    I have always agree with Wild Bill, and trust his opinion but I guess he has not heard of False Flags, neither did he see the video of NYC Fire Fighters and another witness talking about how they saw bombs going off in staircases. I saw the video of these Fire Fighters and I believe them, they were there and they have no reason to lie. There was another witness a maintenance man who I saw in the tv news when he said a bomb went off from the basement and he rescued a gentleman that was in the baseman parking his car, and then later on this same witness was murder or had accident,and another witness a young Fireman who witness a seeing a bomb go off and he talk about it, he too was murder or had a accident.

    I guess Bill does Not know or heard of the New World Order, many of these same politicians and Globalist are in bed together and they belong to secret sociality groups. There is a lot of information on U-tube and about these special interest groups

    I am not saying our government did it, nor it was a inside job, but you have to admit they are capable of creating a False Flag to used as a excuse to limit our Freedoms. Since 911, Homeland security and NSA, TSA and the Patriot Act was created. Bush started all of these programs and Obama just took it much further and has expand it, and there is a video out on U-Tube of Bush Sr. talking about a New World Order, the video is out there I have seen it myself

    • Linda From NY says:

      Deborah Jeane Palfrey, known in the mainstream press as the DC Madam, she had as clients politically powerful elite who used her services – her operation of an escort service that catered to Washington insiders.

      Many of these politicians that used her services reveal information in regards to 911 to her girls in which they pass on to Deborah Jeane Palfrey and the DC Madam wrote it down. Just a few days when the DC Madam was about to expose what she new, she convenitally committed scudice this was a hot story but the press kept it quiet.

      She name names and Alex Jones who spoke with her asked her if she was capable of committing suicide and the DC Madam said NO, and a few days before she was going to Court to reveal names and what she knew, she was found hung, however they did find a suicide note. But keep in mind that Alex Jones asked her if she was going to kill herself and she said NO way, her book contained much information about 911 and on what these Dirty Politicians had told her girls

      There are articles written about this woman Deborah Jeane Palfrey the DC Madam in the net and you can gather more information about what she knew and come to your own conclusion of what happen to her. You would be surprise to know who were some of her clients, some are the very idiots we see in the news creating laws and taxes while making our lives miserable.

      I hope these dirty cheating politicians used there own money to pay for these services not the taxpayer's money.

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