Video: Identity Fraud Expert Can’t Catch Identity Fraudster Obama

Ever heard of Frank Abagnale?

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  1. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    The whole government is twisted — it all depends upon who is in judge's seat at a given time. Russian roulette. Maybe we don't need a court to adjudicate what we all know IS the truth about the usurper in chief.

    What's far more disturbing is that the Federal Reserve is doing the real damage to our country and the overall effect shall be the destruction of our Constitution. That's the bottom line as all rights will become null and void. 2013 is the 100th anniversary of Woodrow Wilson signing into the basis for the Fed. But the ploy to bring our country down by destroying our economy was pre-meditated in 2006. Think about that time: basically when the Usurper came into the political scene, gradually making his way from a senate takeover in Illinois to the white house. 2009 was the prime year to begin the gradual, but steady, destruction of our culture and economy. It is really scary and not many of us will survive and THAT is what this administration wants as an outcome. It will not matter how much debt is accumulated — it can never, ever be paid back and this administration doesn't give a damn about anyone else but the small circle of those who are working to make the power grab possible. The payoff for their loyalty is survival.. face it, no politician cares about you! Only you can care for yourself and your family. Dooms day is imminent and all the mainstream media is deliberately avoiding any reporting on what is truly happening in those weekly meetings behind doors of people you have never heard of, who were not elected, who do not hold any particular political post..Start preparing for your survival because your money is going to be worthless soon. Read about the Weimar Republic in 1919 through 1923..The rise of Hitler was the eventual outcome and millions of innocent people perished..

  2. Larry Strickland says:

    Sounds like to me no one can touch Obama no matter what he does.Is he possibly the ANTICHRIST?????Wake up AMERICA,he has to go before its to late.I have a dream,RISE UP PEOPLE and take a stand for AMERICA,while english is english and christanity is for sure not rag head musslims who hate AMERICIANS.Take this country back over.WE THE PEOPLE not OBAMA the PEOPLE.WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Iamacitizen2 says:

    Truly I am amazed that this charade of a usurper, a person (or group of people and/or a foreign country) with a completely unknown background due to "hiding and sealing" all documentation worldwide is the biggest international fraud on any country in history and it is totally unfathomable and mind blowing. I feel that by just focusing on his birth certificates (short and long forms), his selective service information, his supposed parents, and his other bogus documents is not totally what should be looked at here.

    Who or what country or group of people has the most to gain by putting an unintelligent decoy in the o v a l office? Who? Oh sure we can call the usurper "slick Willie or silver tonged devil, or whatever", but who or what entity/country behind this charade of a person has the most to gain by destroying one of the most blessed country's in the world? Sure there is Soros who has a history of destroying country's financially (about five or six of them I have heard and read) and to me he is suspect, but even he in my opinion is not capable as a lone country killer to pull this off by himself. This destruction and dismantling of America goes farther, deeper and wider than any of us could imagine. It has taken years and years of planning this hijacking and destruction of America and all from within. Amazing.

    Here's an interesting thought. Hasn't anybody connected the dots to the fact that each time Orly Taitz has gone to court (1/3/2013 and 2/15/2013) that the O's have been out of D.C.? She goes one way with the kids (Hawaii and CO) and he goes the other way (Hawaii oh and back to D.C. then down to Florida where the press wasn't allowed to have access to O? Something is up. I am starting to think that he is "scared" in some regards, that this whole charade for the last five years is one day soon going to totally be exposed. Another reason I say this is because recently a one mile radius around the W H has been put off limits to people, etc. How come? Fear is my opinion. One can only pray on it right?

    When I read that the F B I is thinking about investigating those machines I almost started laughing. Right. They are a federal agency and owned by O and another country right now and it would be like the icing on the cake to give a kid the whole dang cake and trust that they won't eat it??? Get real where would the logic be in that? It's likened to putting the cat inside the cage with the canary and tell the kitty kitty now don't eat the poor little tweeter ok? Those machines would either disappear or malfunction totally. Get real folks they need to be inspected by a totally independent firm and not allowed to be moved or removed from each State.

    I read on the internet (oh of course like the commercial I believe everything on the internet cuz no one would lie on the internet LOLOL) that some guy had a software program on his person and as he walked by the digital voting machines he could change the machines operation to only credit O with votes period. Unreal for sure.

    My suggestion is in the future DO NOT USE THOSE DIGITAL MACHINES AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every person that can should go get an absentee ballot at their local Mayors office or clerks office, show them I.D. and then hand walk your ballot back to their office and personally deliver it. PERIOD. It is imperative to vote out all socialist dems/repubs or even independents that are not doing their jobs or are card carrying socialists/marxists. This is critical to the survival of our country. But remember….DO NOT USE DIGITAL MACHINES. Tell all your family and friends the same thing. We can stop this devilish machine takeover.

    Another thing that is so very important is to STOP watching all of the rag channels on t v and STOP advertising as well as subscribing to all of the rag news papers nationwide. This will put them all out of business because they will have NO income!!! A SILENT national boycott now wouldn't that be something!!! We the people have more power than we realize. It starts at HOME with us. Everybody start a silent campaign to SILENCE the bigoted newspapers and t v channels in their tracks. We the people and businesses pay for their livelihoods and to keep them in business. My God just do it. Tell everyone YOU know to do this silent movement.

    One day hopefully and prayerfully we will all know what happened. But, right now every single fed agency in America is under total control of O and another country or entity. The future of our country does look very bleak unless we start going for the head of the monster or monsters that have been allowed to get this far.

    God's speed to you all and God bless you all.

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