Video: Hurricane Sandy Relief Victim Slams Obama, Calls Him A Phony And A Liar

Hurricane Sandy victim Scott McGrath of Staten Island gives his opinion of FEMA and the Obama administration’s handling of the storm relief effort.

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  1. When obama showed up to say to these people help is coming, no red tapes, most of here knew that he was lying, that was only a photo op so could get these people’s votes. Now they know that he is a phony and a liar. I wonder how many of these Sandy’s victims believe this liar in chief and voted for him? Now they know the truth.

    He has given to the muslim brotherhood billions of our tax dollars with no problems, it’s in the white website of how much he has given to muslim countries who do not like us nor respect us and when it comes to helping Americans he does not care.

    When he ran on Forward he should have stated Backwards, many Americans are not moving forward in their lives but backwards.

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