Video: How the Left Rules by Crisis (and the DREAM Act Shamnesty)

Ben Johnson,

I did this interview in late November, but the liberals’ massive power grab during the lame duck session inspired me to post a snippet that is pivotal to understanding how left-wingers operate: They do not argue, because they cannot win an argument. Logic and rationality are foreign languages to them. They try to throw their opposition off-balance by deliberately engineering a crisis, then demanding conservatives respond to it — with the “solution” they supported all along.

This is precisely the tactic they have taken with the trillion omnibus spending bill in the Senate today. The government will shut down within days if Congress does not do something, and Harry Reid sprang this surprise in hopes of badgering cowardly Republicans into going along. So far, Sen. Jim DeMint is holding firm in his attempt “to run out the clock” on this budget-busting bill. But many Republicans do not know they have the political support to stand against Reid –or will face a grassroots backlash if they don’t — on this or his other lame duck session fantasy, the DREAM Act.

This video discusses the Left’s modus operandi and its roots in the philosophy of Saul Alinsky. If you enjoy it, please thank “Nothing But Truth” host Crane Durham and the folks at American Family Radio for having me on. Oh, and this is my first video, ever, so please go easy on me in the comments.

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  1. So if the "Left" is trying to help the "children of illegals" in their woes of having to live in our country and reap all the benefits of this country and work and not worry about the cartel next door… then, isn't it fair to say that these "illegal children of illegal immigrants" supposedly don't have legal parents to take care of them and do the legal thing by taking them home?…and if the "Left" thinks that these children need special treatment because of their, I guess, unavailable parents…. oh never mind…
    What I'm trying to say is this:
    If our government is assuming responsibility for children of the people who belong in another country… what's stopping them from taking "our children" under their wing and violating "our" rights as parents in the future?
    But wait! Doesn't our government already undermine our authority as parents to our children in the medical, education, and legal system currently in place? This Dream Act is just a stepping stone with a hidden agenda for more substantial control of our own children. I'm sickened.

  2. john littlefield says:

    we conservatives tell you libs to rot in hell with your illegal president.

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