Video: How Much Money Has Obama Committed To Fighting “Global Warming”?

Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma has an important message for global warming skeptics…

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Global warming is a hoax. I have yet to see ANY proof otherwise. Don't try to quote some obscure study that cherry picks the values that only point to their position. I just don't buy it.
    IF storms are a little more aggressive then they used to be, why not take a look at the HAARP project in Alaska. If anything has had an effect on our weather, a system designed to do just that, and that was used, just might be the reason.
    Sorry, I forgot we're suppose to be idiot who need to be told what to do and believe.

    • VirgoVince says:

      I agree, Seeks, if I donated a penny/cent, I'd expect change, which of course, won't happen!!
      Even worse, he's giving that money to the idiots at the UN!! They haven't done anything RIGHT, yet, who expects that to change now??

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        Isn't the question really why are we even PART of the UN? We give them land in America. PAY for them to gather. Now we're to pay for this hoax?
        We need to get out of the UN and the UN OUT of America! All they are is a way to circumvent our Constitution to control us!

  2. Ask Al Gore how profitable Global Warning is. This is the biggest Scam in the USA and the world. He and others have taken millions & millions from US and the world. Gore is a big crook and he has money galore. His California home and land cost millions of money. It is in a very wealthy area. Then he wants more money. Money and his fraud isn't going to help the weather in any way. It is the signs of the time. Man cannot do anything about saying the Ice falling in the far North. It is all a scam along with Obammy's wind mills, etc.

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