Video: How Can Congress Be So Blind?

It is wrong for Bashir al-Assad to kill his own citizens; yet Obama is allowed to kill innocent people with his Drones and Hell-Fire missiles. What sense does this make? Obama has even killed American citizens with Drones and Hell-Fire missiles; how nuts is all of that?

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  1. M.A. Rossini says:

    Obama has authorized his DOJ to fight laws passed by popular vote against killing babies in the womb and has supported abortion rights over and beyond any other politician. This does not classify as grossly murdering innocent citizens? Obama needs to reframe his thinking along with his cronies in congress that abortion is taking the life of the most innocent of human beings. The majority of the American people do not support this….

    If Obama bombs someone else for his alleged gross murder of his countrymen, he convicts himself of an even more gross crime and brings judgment on his country.

    • G. Zuschrist says:

      Why is that your standard cut and paste response when you are cornered? It makes no sense and has been posted repeatedly by you over 5,000 times according to those keeping track, and there is more than one group who is keeping track of your every move.

      Do you really believe you have remained under the radar the past 8 years? Do you really believe you have burned hundreds of bridges and there will be no repercussions? You have finally broken the law in broad daylight, YOU will be the defendant in the next litigation and it will not be a frivolous civil lawsuit. You will need a criminal defense attorney, might I suggest Ima, Gonna, Godown & Soon?

      • Are you pretending that as a lame guest hack you corner anyone? You really don't line up well with reality do you?

        You really do need professional help.

        • G. Zuschrist says:

          I am saying that you are so weak you cut and paste the same comments, some times over 5,000, to deflect from your ineptitude. I notice you are too afraid now to delete my comments, has Western Journalism already put the kibosh on you? It is too late, your illegal activities will be stopped and you are being investigated.

          • reality here says:

            Thank you for your contribution.

          • Of what? Stopping the debate that used to happen at this site?

          • There was never any debate with you on this site, everyone knows you stalked Poof here and that's the only reason you ever reared your ass-resembling face on this web site. You were NEVER here before your stalking. And then she cleaned your clock while you fondled your kock.

    • G. Zuschrist says:

      I have contributed quite a bit while you have contributed, in essence, nothing. I asked a simple question, Why do you paste the same comment over and over again, you makes you look even more foolish.

      Are you by chance paid by the post? I see you have an embarrassing number of comments. Is that why you reply to spam bots?

    • Tyler Duncan says:

      I would like some professional help on becoming a loser and I hear you are the one to go to. Could you pencil me in for next week?

    • Tyler Duncan says:

      What profession are you in?

    • Tyler Duncan says:

      What have you contributed to society?

    • Crazy Nancy says:

      What makes you think Roger can delete any comments? if you believe that then you're dumber than Obama.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Gabe is right Obutthole thinks he is like James Bond who has a license to kill and when he kills we should praise him.Bashir is killing the muslim brotherhood which is good plus other terrorist groups.

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    He does not think he is just the king of America, but he thinks he is the king of the world.
    Assad, I will bitch slap you, with my military, for using gas (there are videos of al Qaeda shooting rockets over Syria) because I crayoned this red line last year. Now the rest of the world settle down while I slap this man, because I have to protect my pride. Britain come help me. Britain says FU. I will have to do this on my own, S#!T, I can not do that, I am already a war criminal for using those damn drone attacks. Assad, please wait 3 weeks until I slap you, I need congress to say no first.

  4. G. Zuschrist says:

    Does everyone know that ROGER has hacked into this website so he can delete comments he doesn't like?

    • Could it bet hat someone posted the terms of service here for a reason and that standards might matter?

      • G. Zuschrist says:

        No. I have sat here very patiently for hours to watch as you show up and comments get deleted. There has been virtually no moderating on this site in over two years but all of a sudden ROGER has hired people to track down those you want to sue, information that would including hacking. You are a computer hack and will be reported to the appropriate Federal officials. Let an investigation determine who is deleting comments—it is no one from the ImpeachObama site because there is no one left.

      • G. Zuschrist says:

        I will continue to watch you and continue to gather information for authorities.

  5. Then were was your outrage at this comment?

    3 hours ago @ Impeach Obama Campaign – Wow: This Family Got T… · 7 replies · +5 points
    MLC ,is HPD he has the same URL and ISP signature. Good morning Warren. You racist F@ck!

    • G. Zuschrist says:

      That means nothing to me as I have never seen it before. You are the person who has hacked this website, no amount of deflection will change the fact you have broken Federal law. I am getting screen shots of all of my comments and your responses before you delete mine. This is no laughing matter.

      • So, facts mean nothing to you.

        And that's why you're the coward posting behind a guest name and I'm not.

        • G. Zuschrist says:

          I am no coward, I am just quite familiar with you and your tactics, your "game". You stalk people, you badger and bully them, you hunt people down using private investigators, you file lawsuits against people in your insatiable desire to make it rich off the back of someone else.

          In filing initial reports, I was required to give to the Federal government my real name, address, email address, phone number and all pertinent information. I am no coward, I will use every tool available to me against those who break our laws.

          Your problem is that you got greedy, a common trait of cyber attackers. You couldn't get the real site moderator to delete the comments you don't like so you took it upon yourself to hack in and appoint yourself moderator. That's illegal, you should have spent more time reading Luke 6:31 and less time trying to figure out passwords.

          • Strange Joe, you just described how you have been behaving.

            All this whining, too bad you didn't use the energy to figure out where your world view was wrong then grow and change.

            And no, you don't get pearls little piggy.

            Joe, you keep demonstrating that you have lost the larger debate.

            You can't say anything, you can't even pretend to think up why your failed ideology should be taken seriously.

            You lost, but then you're a complete loser so it's no big shocker.

            Get professional help.

          • G. Zuschrist says:

            My name isn't Strange Joe, no one has any idea who "Joe" is that you keep commenting to.

            Have you read Luke 6:31 yet?

          • Have you read Matt 7:6 yet?

            And Joe, you define yourself at every turn, of course facts mean nothing to you, that's why you will brush this off, even when it's what you accuse me of.

            7 minutes ago @ Storyleak – Navy Family: Fukushima… · 1 reply · 0 points
            Roger, I think I should disclose that I have hired a private investigator to get information on you and I will be providing that information to any attorney that needs it.

          • G. Zuschrist says:

            That has no meaning that correlates with what is being said and what you have done. A polite way to rephrase Luke 6:31 is "Payeth back wilst be a female dog for thee".

          • Comment Judge says:

            Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! Comment of the month!!!!!!!!

          • You two just can't stand that smelly will be explaining his comments to a jury. Of course we both know he can't. That's why the angst.

            And to think you idiots feel yourselves above any consequences.

          • Tyler Duncan says:

            Who? Did you get lost or are you deliberately deflecting? I like seeing you squirm. Thank you.

          • Stalkers enjoy lots of unhealthy things.
            Have you considered professional help?

          • You think someone's stalking you? HAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

            The irony is delicious.

          • No, just being factual. A sick sexually deviant stalker pays far too much attention to my personal life then this forum warrants. Just one old comment to illustrate his unbalanced behavior…

            Alinsky Hero USA replied to your comment on The White House Scandal Trifecta: IRS, AP and Benghazi – Left, Right & Center on KCRW / Left, Right & Center – KCRW:

            Roger R Russell was born in 1963. Roger currently lives in Kearney, Nebraska. Before that, Roger lived in Thousand Palms, CA from 1997 to 2000. Before that, Roger lived in Browns Valley, CA from 2000 to 2006.

            Roger R Russell is related to Jody Russell, who is 54 years old and lives in Sacramento, CA. Roger R Russell is also related to Jimmy Russell, who is 65 years old and lives in Waukon, IA.

          • Tyler Duncan says:

            Why are you giving us your personal information? You sure sound desperate for attention.

          • Why do you pretend any of it was as accurate as the deviant sexual stalker hoped?

          • Joe, this meltdown when I sent the filed litigation to Sha…..

            It's almost as if you were both people and realize you are going to face a jury!

          • Tyler Duncan says:

            hahaha, go get 'em tiger. You finally caught Joe Alinsky.

          • I have caught smelly, (or should I call him by his real name) but Joe has conveniently moved the date on the statute of limitations with his comments today, about 23 times because he's so stupid.

            Liberals, you are so predictable.

          • Tyler Duncan says:

            You caught smelly? Is that the name of your favorite goat. Please don't hurt goats.

  6. Poor Joe, you just keep struggling to offer alternatives to reality.

    Joe, you might want to have smelly check his yahoo email account. No, he can't escape the legal civil justice system.

  7. As a deviant sexual stalker you come to a forum about politics and of course have nothing to contribute, not that makes any sense.

    So, you want to make it a personal attack.

    You are a bigot and a fraud, you pretend as a progressive and openly homosexual man that there is equality then use that label as an insult.

    I'm not interested.

    But that aside, for you to use that label as an insult shows you have no integrity and simply can't be taken seriously, and of course nobody here has done that for years.

    And frankly, your family rejects you for many reasons and your lack of integrity is only part of it.

  8. Yes the one starting with sha…..

  9. No, why do you think I'd value the things you fixate on and keep bringing up?

    And no, I am nothing like your mother.

    Even WTE had to admit I don't fixate on the things you keep wanting to discuss.

    22 weeks ago @ Conservative Victory News – Stop Agenda 21 – The J… · 38 replies · +7 points
    while you and I may not agree on just about anything, it was wrong and unacceptable for me to call you a "child
    molesting POS." I apologize for making that statement, and I have absolutely no reason to believe that you've ever been inappropriate with children. I hope that someday you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

  10. Crazy Nancy says:

    And you believe him? amazing.

    • Crazy Nancy says:

      Maybe the Russians hack this site and gave Roger the secret code, or maybe you're just as dumb as Obama.

      • Crazy Nancy says:

        Sorry to disappoint you, I'm self-employed and you? You should save that for Obama and his tyranny, they are the ones sucking the taxpayers dried, in 8 years $85 Million on vacations.

  11. Meow

  12. Jackson Galaxy says:

    You can't blame a cat for seeking out another puss.

  13. Don't you realize what a moron you are, if the best comment you can come up with is what a cat says?

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