Video: Horowitz BLASTS Obama Admin For Not Standing Up For Free Speech Against Islamic Nazis

Author David Horowitz appeared on Fox News the other day to discuss Obama’s outrageous decision to shred the First Amendment to the Constitution.

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  1. Oboma is a joak

  2. Ranchman says:

    It's June 17th, 2013. We now know how Obama and Clinton lied. They arrested this man, saying he instigated the Benghazi attacks. ALL LIES!! We can see how Obama, Susan Rice, and H. Clinton all lied about what happened and that they left those Americans to die in Libya. Those of us who saw Obama and the rest of them for what they were from the beginning are left wondering how anybody can be so blind as to believe them in the first place. It's pathetic that Americans can be so stupid and naive. Pathetic. The whole administration should be behind bars for their treason, right now. America is falling apart, the goal of this guy, Obama. He must be stopped, America, before the country is destroyed.

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