Video: Homeland Security On Bullet Buying Spree

Ammo purchases could support a 30 year war

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  1. War Blur says:

    This has been thoroughly debunked. Are your readers so stupid that they haven't gotten the word yet?

    mediamatters (dot) org/research/2013/05/07/the-origin-and-truth-behind-alex-jones-ammo-act/193938

    • woobernicker says:

      Alex Jones??? Now that's a reputable source. Yet purchase orders prove this buying spree! You're simply a puppet with no credibility.

      • Media matters? That's short for the George Soros funded far Left disinformation group.
        One thing they did get wrong is that the 1.6b has not been filled, it's an order that is to be filled whenever they feel like it, within the next five years. This gives them the ability to drain the marketplace of ammo whenever the manufacturers start catching up with demand.

        • I'll add that if they just ordered 1.6b all at once the ammo manufacturers would just increase capacity add shifts etc. to fill the order. Then once the order was filled the companies would use that capacity to fill the consumer market full of ammo. By not taking delivery, they are leaving the companies hanging, unsure if they should increase capacity.

    • Lonemusketeer_W says:

      Ha, Ha, Ha!!! Media Matters. . .did you see that, folks? As if Media Matters tells anything REMOTELY truthful. The laughter is killing me. These liberals never cease to amaze with the BS they will believe.

    • Kennible Lecter says:

      Hey everybody look! It's a Media Matter shill!

      I thought you $hitbags were sequestered.

      OH that's right… Soros has deep pockets, doesn't he?

      • wayne mann says:

        Yeah I guess that’s why the shelves at my nearby ammo store are only 1/3 stocked and the price is almost doubled

    • Obviously you haven't stood in line for hours before a store opens just to buy one box of .22 like the rest of us who are actually aware of what is going on in this country. It's people like you who don't pay attention that allow Obama and his crooked administration to get away with destroying our freedoms. Yet you will be the first one to protest when they take something away that you are in favor of. I suppose you think the scandals that are going on right now have been debunked, too. Well, I hate to tell ya but things aren't looking too good for the dictator in the White House.


    • jon graham says:

      YES they are stupid. that's why the dumbocrats are still in office. now that all the govt offices are in his back pocket want be long before we have a dictator.

    • Ranchman says:

      How dare you insult me in your little tirade. Who the hell do you think you are, slinging your insults? The evidence against your "messiah" is so overwhelming, there would be no doubt in a court of law that he has committed the most massive fraud ever on the American people. Wise up, moron. You have no clue what that man has done and is doing to this country. Get a clue.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Lets face it if Obutthole can't take your guns so like everything else he goes around the constitution.He sends out the big lezzie Janet Incompatano to purchase the ammo so you can't fire your guns .This is like he hates oil so he sends the EPA on a witch hunt

  3. he cant do sh-t congress should defund d.h.s. RIGHT NOW !!!!! what a useless agency like all the rest of gov programs…remember when you vote folks this is all dem crap thats being passed and ignored by the republicans CLEAN HOUSE AND PUT MORE INDEPENDANTS IN OFFICE .. go rand paul !!!!

  4. Dave F. says:

    If Obama doesn't get his way Legislatively, he finds some other "Executive Branch" to change their rules in an Unconstitutional way to get around the Legislative block. He did the same thing with the "Dream Act", he couldn't get that Legislation passed, so what does he do? He has Janet Incompetento issue Directive to ICE, Border Patrol, and DHS to "Prioritize" Immigration Cases. Yeah we see how well that worked out with the Illegal Immigrant that just killed a Cop by Drunk Driving who T-boned the police officers vehicle, killing him instantly!!

    • wayne mann says:

      Dave F. …. You said it very succinctly… he will find a way around everything…. He WAS a lawyer who lost his law license in the state of Illinois as did his wife.

  5. siteunseen says:

    Media Doesn't Matter is debunking this TRUTH! Really now George, do you think we're all stupid?

  6. yaki534 says:

    He isn't stupid. If we can not get bullets we can not use the firearms we have. It would be akin to stopping gasoline sales. no gas you aren't gonna go anywhere.

    • wayne mann says:

      You’re right and the no gas thing is coming too and even worse.!!! he is not stupid……
      he is criminally insane.

  7. Russell says:

    The bullets are going to the foreign troops we are training here. So when the NWO get pass, they will let the foreign troops to take our guns away since we can not shoot back or we die.

  8. don reid says:

    Obama Overrides Congress to Buy $690 Million Worth of Russian Choppers for Afghan Air Force

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