Video: Hollywood Producer: Clinton Threatened Over Obama ID Fraud Issue (Part 1)

Hollywood producer: Obama ID fraud issue scarred me; Clinton threatened; Gwaltney killed.

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  1. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    But the Clintons are dirtbags anyway! We, the People don't want neither Obama nor the Clintons, every again!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Not your right the Clintons are dirt bags and they are involved in murders from their days in the governors mansion.Slick was forcing himself on girls and not 1 womens rights group came to the defense of the women victims.HIS lezzie wife has been in bed with Huma Wiener who is into the muslim terrorist brotherhood up to those piano teeth of hers along with her whole family thatnis why she doesn't come forward with the truth .

  2. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    Also, Hillary is a corrupt bitch and no, she doesn't love our country or she wouldn't be a communist! That she showed absolutely fake emotions about Benghazi IS telling — it sums it up. She doesn't give a damn about ANY American citizen..If threatening her precious daughter was so horrific, why wasn't DHS or the CIA all over it? I don't want to speculate about any reasons because frankly, all politicians are ugly and have much to conceal from the public. I just love it when they start to turn on each other — and do each other in..There is a God after all!

    • danstewart says:

      The odds are that they were the ones doing the threatening. All these departments are in bed with each other & the bummer.

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