Video: Holder Mixed Up In Ohio Voter Fraud?

Eric Holder and the tons of bogus voters in a key swing state, plus the IRS practically sets up shop in Obama’s White House…

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  1. This is bull shit why aint these idiots been stopped yet and put behind bars Obama and all his people ….why are they still letting him appoint people into positions or make any kind of judgement calls at all

  2. MORE scandals?? Bring 'em on!!!

  3. Tim Lucas says:

    Barrack H Obama violated every American's right to hold a free and impartial election by using the IRS as a tool to disenfranchise those ground level conservative groups seeking "C" class status prior to the elections of 2012 and beginning as early as 2009 nearly immediately after election. No longer can this president talk about those elections overseas and vow his support for the very same right he has disavowed in this country which is a free and unobstructed rights of those granted by the constitution to hold an impartial election. Americans died so he could continue his only success which was the operation by seal team 6. Obama was not available for that phone call that would have possibly saved four lives. Instead he did absolutely nothing but concoct a cover story to protect his rear. Obama will use the IRS to target any and all conservatives and nothing will be done to protect or promote these groups to "C" class status. We have come to the point of Imperialism with a self appointed president.

    • Linda A. From NY says:

      Hi Tim,
      Yes is true it has come to the point of Imperialism with a self appointed president, however many Americans are waking up and they do not like what they are seeing. I believe that sooner or later Americans will have enough of this corrupt president and fight to take back the Country. People are getting fat up with this bogus prez and holder, it just a matter of time, when enough is enough.

      This coming July 4 of 2013 there is a group of veterans who will march peaceful to Washington to protest their second amendment rights and among other dislikes of this dictator. They are working toward gathering a million man march, the info is on the net and anyone who wishes to join can go on the net and sign up with them, this will be a peaceful march.

  4. jamesbaxter says:

    SOMEBODY get rid of holder hes dirty to the bone

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Holder has his big half black guardian angel named Obuma on his side.He can't afford to let Holder go because Eric knows to much.He may end up like Vince Foster but he will have to go out feet first.Obutthole has consulted with Slick & Hitlary Clinton on how to make this go away,after all these 2 are professionals at solving these types of problems.Holder must keep illegal voting going to get more democraps in congress and the senate.

  6. Joe Danielek says:

    Judge orders Google to comply with FBI's secret NSL demands

  7. David F. says:

    So with all of the Democrat Election Officials being found guilty of Fraud in Arkansas, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Nevada, Utah, Florida, Indiana….to name just a few states, now along with this Ohio incident, there needs to be a way for the U.S. Citizens to instigate a "Recall" against this President. All of this fraud doesn't even cover the fact that the Military members that were deployed over the Election cycle, with their "Ballots" being misplaced and finally found when the "Ballots" wouldn't have been received in time…and then there are the "Ballots" that were tossed overboard of Naval Ships.

    There is no doubt in my mind that there is noway Obama would have won in a "Fair Election"….I think it's time to do away with "Absentee Ballots" except for Deployed Military, and everyone who votes gets 3 things…
    1) dip their finger in Permanent ink so they can't vote Early and Often
    2) must show a valid I.D. to vote (for those below the poverty line, the state will issue you a "State I.D." free of charge, not a Drivers License, and to keep Illegals from voting their I.D. cards must say "Non-U.S. Resident"
    3) they also will get a print out of their votes, to verify that their choices were actually correct and not a "Straight Republican Ticket with Obama checked as President"…many stories of this happening through the U.S.

    It's a dang shame that 3rd world countries voting process is more "Legitimate" than the U.S.'s.

  8. Linda A. From NY says:

    With all the corruption this is like watching a slow motion train reck which is about to crash at any given moment. I can’t wait for these crooks to be impeach and hopefully prison, all of this whole administration, All Of Them.

  9. Sherlock Holmes says:

    Why all this lRS talk?
    lRS & Fed have been Illegal since 1963:
    John F. Kennedy made the Fed iIIegaI so a great majority of the money collected by the lRS for the Fed has also been iIIegaI since executive order # 11110 in 1963 [the exc. Order was never challenged within 30 days, and 11110 is the law of the land, Now!]:

  10. That is how the Demacraps stay in office they cheat and lie We have to stop them and cange things before next eleciton Ovmit go back in office by cheating and Holder made sure he stoped voter ID other wise Ovmit would have lost We all need to go after these crooks and put them away for what they have done to are country and us

  11. Roy S. Mallmann II says:

    I think it is time to petition The Supreme Court of The United States to rule the last Presidential election fraudulent, and hold a second Presidential election without the restictions of the "Voter Rights Act" which was designed to only be a TEMPORARY ruling to mitigate voter abuses of the 1960's. Unfortunately, the left has used the law as a bludgeon to subvert the laws of this country and fix the elections by all manners of voter fraud. Solid accusations of voter fraud have surfaced in every single swing state that went to Obama in the wee hours of the morning after Romney was solidly in the lead. I think that we know why now. The Republican Party is so weak and hung up on class that they did not contest it which is why I terminated my membership and became an independent, as millions of others did.

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