Video: Holder Exposed: The Trentadue Torture-Murder Cover-up

The Fast and Furious/Brian Terry Murder cover-up is just the most recent in a long line of cover-ups that Eric Holder has been involved in over the years. Holder cut his teeth on the art of cover-up with the Kenneth Michael Trentadue torture-murder case in the 1990s, learning the art of keeping  facts out of the purview of the courts, media, public, and Congress. Learn about this horrific case that has Eric Holder’s fingerprints all over it.


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  1. Daniel Spickard says:

    I don't think Eric Holder should be impeached! I think he should be shot!

    • Impeach, prosecute and EXECUTE Holder. It doesn't have to be done in that order either.

    • Prosecute for treason. Penalty for treason is to be "HANGED BY THE NECK UNTIL DEAD".

    • madmemere says:

      Daniel-It goes without saying, this entire administration has committed treason against the United States of America and its citizens- -the exception being obama-soetoro, who should be tried for espionage (as in spy). I have been promoting military arrest and tribunals for all of them, for they are ALL "domestic terrorists"! The punishment for conviction of either treason, or espionage is the same and does NOT involve jail time, nor deportation. For each of those individuals, it would be THE final solution and they would never be able to create this kind of havoc and damage again- -anywhere in the world!

  2. di from Oregon says:

    Can you spell CORRUPTION? Corrupt to the core, there will be justice in the end, however as God sees all and somebody will pay with their eternal soul and it won't be pretty if you know what I mean. Eternal torment is nothing to shake a stick at! I do pray for the truth to go viral however, America needs to know who they are dealing with. The MSM propaganda machine cannot ignore news that goes viral.
    So sorry for Kenneth's horrific demise, my heart aches for these families who have lost their loved one in the horrific manner, he looked like a vigorous, courageous patriot.

  3. Beverly says:

    I not only agree on impeaching Holder from the White House, but he also should be tried for murder. If it was you or I, there is no President in the world that would stand up and lie for us. I also think the reason Obama has stood behind him (illegally) is because he also had a hand in this.

    • madmemere says:

      Beverly-You are correct; why would the presidential impostor invoke "executive privilege" if it did not involve him directly? I would bet a month's pay, the order for Fast and Furious came straight from the oval office- -another "manufactured crisis" that would give him an excuse to revoke our 2nd Amendment Rights – -but, it "backfired" – -big time!

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  5. WILLIAM F REED says:

    This has ultimately the most incredable American Tragedy ,I read this sorry some time ago and was convinced it was a cover-up and to find out that the White House Attorney General and the Dictator in Charge are culprits involved are of no surprise to me , after all we have the most stupid and under educated population in the world , LOOK WE ELECTED A BIGIOT ,RACIST, LIAR ,SOCIALIST AND NOW HE HAS A MURDERER AS THE ATTORNEY IN CHARGE,there's blood all over both of them and if re elected the country will also become a bloody mess!!! PLEASE FOR GODS SAKE WAKE UP AMERICA ,LET'S GET THIS MUSLIM AND HIS HENCHMEN OUT AND PROSECUTE THEM TO THE FULLIEST OF THE LAW ,"TRAITORS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ARE WHAT THEY ARE…."

  6. Donnamohler says:

    I hope that whoever had a hand in this gets what they gave! KARMA!!

  7. madmemere says:

    Kris-Again, thank you – -please, please keep "dogging this story"! I do not know the Trentadue Family, but my heart aches for them – -they "deserve" to know the truth and the guilty deserve to be punished. Thanks to Ken's brother, Jesse (atty. in Salt Lake City) they have been able to keep the case alive and moving through the courts.
    In my heart (gut?) I'm convinced that Ken and another man, whose name I cannot remember, were murdered because the FBI, mistakenly, believed they both "knew" that holder had ordered the FBI to furnish the bomb making materials to McVeigh and company (the bombers of the Murrah Bldg)!
    Somewhere, out there, is "someone who knows the truth" – -I keep praying their conscience will bother them enough so they feel the need to come forward! I don't remember "how" I stumbled on this story, a couple of years ago, but I've been researching it and publishing what I'm able, on most of the websites I visit!
    As I mentioned, yesterday, it took two years for the DOJ, FBI and OIG to bring enough "pressure to bear" (threats) on the Oklahoma City ME, to get him to change his determined COD, from homicide, to suicide. The ME did so, only to protect his family and himself from serious harm! Have you, or Floyd been able to interview this man and get his side of the story- – it would make an interesting article, I'm certain!

  8. Edwardkoziol says:

    Eric Witholder is no better then a mafia boss ordering hits on people he don't like.This racist son of a black bitch kills with nobody to go after him.Obutthole and the word racist protect his black ass and the friendly press help.I think moreof Dapper Don Gotti then I do Holder,he's just a sumbag coon .

  9. Mike Travis says:

    Why impeach someone who covered up one murder then was later responsible for the murder of two federal agents? Why not charge him with being an accessory to murder? Isn't that what THEY would do to one of us if we had committed the same crimes Holder did?

    Welcome to the USSA comrade.

  10. Holly marcyoniak says:


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