Video: HHS Running ObamaCare As A Black-Ops Mission

Congressional Democrats Frantic over general chaos

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  1. upaces88 says:

    My doctor went out of business.
    Another doctor I know moved his practice to Brazil (don't ask me why Brazil…I don't know).

    A couple of doctors in my area changed their pricing. It is $30 a visit….and their business is thriving. Might not be able to get in to see the doctor for a couple of months unless it is an emergency.

  2. I saw that once and it is pathetic and full of lies

  3. For years, they have mocked and made fun of Tea Party groups for the warnings about Obamacare and now that those warnings turn out to be true, MSNBC and other news groups have to back pedal. It's not funny anymore, is it? Especially when they have egg on their face. As for Democrats, if they want to salvage what is left of their political careers, they would be wise to turn on their leader and call for his removal. The choice is simple: get in the life raft or stay with a sinking ship.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    What can anyone exoect from the Obutthole regime.Whatever they do it's like a black ops mission.

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